Academic Affairs

Mandatory Information for Course Syllabi

Updated September 13, 2004
(approved at Faculty Senate meeting 9/14/04)

By actions taken under agenda item 3.a. of its November 10, 1998 meeting, the 1998/1999 Faculty Senate approved the following required content of all course syllabi (reference FS989-11):

The following is the required content of a syllabus:

    1. The instructor's name
    2. The instructor's office location, telephone number, and office hours
    3. Title of the course
    4. Department prefix and number of the course (e.g. English-101)
    5. The course requisites
    6. List of required texts - purchased, rented, or from reserve
    7. Course objectives
    8. Attendance policy with defined excuses
    9. Grading policy (include grading scale i.e., assign numerical values to each letter grade)
    10. Course outline by week including dates (subject to change) for major projects, assignments, exams
    11. All syllabi used in 500- and 600-level courses must specify the following unique expectations of graduate students:

      1. Content: e.g., content areas of the course graduate students will explore with greater depth, and/or additional content areas graduate students will examine.
      2. Intensity: e.g., the unique course requirements for graduate students - in terms of additional readings or assignments, different requirements in assignments, different role expectations, and/or different evaluation methods and/or standards - that reflect greater intellectual intensity and rigor.
      3. Self-direction: e.g., outside-of-class activities required of graduate students, including research, that reflect a greater degree of self-directed learning.
    12. The following additional statement:
    13. The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater is dedicated to a safe, supportive and non-discriminatory learning environment. It is the responsibility of all undergraduate and graduate students to familiarize themselves with University policies regarding Special Accommodations, Academic Misconduct, Religious Beliefs Accommodation, Discrimination and Absence for University Sponsored Events (for details please refer to the Schedule of Classes; the "Rights and Responsibilities" section of the Undergraduate Catalog; the Academic Requirements and Policies and the Facilities and Services sections of the Graduate Catalog; and the "Student Academic Disciplinary Procedures (UWS Chapter 14); and the "Student Nonacademic Disciplinary Procedures") (UWS Chapter 17).

You may wish to include on the syllabi the following statement approved by action of the University Curriculum Committee on 1/21/05 (NOTE: it is optional):

"The UW System standard for work required per credit is that students are expected to invest at least 3 hours of combined in-class and out-of-class work per week for each academic unit (credit) of coursework; thus, a 3-credit course will typically require a minimum of 9 hours of work per week (144 hrs./semester)."


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