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Campus Map
Change of Status [Classified/Project/LTE]
Change of Status [Unclassified] - Web Application
Change of Status [Unclassified] - Word Document
Compliance Form - Instructions
Compliance Form [Student] - Instructions
Conditions of Employment for LTE Employees


Direct Deposit
Disability Request Form
DMC Request Form
Driver Authorization Form


Employee Information Sheet
Evaluation/Termination Form [LTE]
Exit Interview


Flex Time Request
FMLA Physician Certification
FMLA Family Member Physician Certification Form
FMLA Request Form- Employee


Handbook for Student Employment [Student]
Hire/Rehire Form [Unclassified] - Instructions
Human Resources Guidelines for Classified Employees - 2/2/12


I-9 Form and Instructions
Internal Reassignment Form
International Tax Packet


Justification Form [Student]


New Employee Checklist for Supervisors [Classified]
Non-work Related Developed Duty Return to Work Procedures
Notary Public List


Payroll Calendar 2012-2013 [Unclassified]
Payroll Calendar 2012 [Classified, LTE, Student]
Paystub Viewer
Pay Table [Student]
Performance and Development Review - Check Box Format [Classified]
Performance and Development Review - Column Format [Classified]
Performance Review and Evaluation [Unclassified]
Position Description Instructions [Classified]
Position Description Standard Template [Classified]
Position Description Supervisory Template [Classified]
Position Description Management Template [Classified]
Position Description Management-Supervisory Template [Classified]
Position Description [Unclassified]
Position Questionnaire (long form - new positions) [Unclassified]


Reclassification Information[Classified]
Reclassification/Job Analysis Form [Classfied]
Recruitment Approval Form [Classified/Project/LTE]
Reference Check Form
Rehiring or Hiring a WRS Annuitant - Rehired Annuitant Election Form
Request to be Absent from Campus
Request to be Absent from Campus/Travel


Sabbatical Schedules [Classified]
Search and Screen Forms
Search and Screen Survey [.doc (.rtf) version]
Search and Screen Survey (.pdf version)
Selective Service Compliance Form
Selective Service Registration Verification (This allows you to check if someone is registered.)
Selective Service - Who Must Register Chart
Sexual Assault Incident Mandated Recording Form
Staff Checkout Form
Student - New Hourly Appointment - Form
Student - New Lump Sum Appointment - Form
Student - Lump Sum Appointment - Form
Student - Change Appointment - Form
Student - End Appointment - Form


Tax-Sheltered Annuity Salary Reduction Agreement
Timesheet - Non-Exempt/Hourly [Classified]
Timesheet - Exempt Employees [Classified]
Timesheet [LTE]
Tuition Reimbursement Form - Instructions


Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act and Veterans' Preference Eligibility Information
UW1123 Alien Tax Information Request


Vacation Carry-Over Provisions
Vacation Earnings [Classified]
Violence Policy and Procedures


W-4 Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate
Work Permits (Required for employees under 18)
Work Rules [Classified]
Work Rules [Student]
Written Hiring Reason for Classified and Project Appointment
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