Women's Ultimate Frisbee Club


The goal of the women's Ultimate Frisbee club is to provide a laidback environment with physical activity. Practices have an aspect of being fun and entertaining while working on skills and strategies for tournaments. NCAA athletics can be over competitive for some people, so the goal for women's Ultimate Frisbee club team is to have a relaxed feeling, yet still to be taken seriously. The team will obey and uphold the Ultimate Players Association philosophy known as the "spirit of the game." If anyone wishes to participate or join our club, please contact those who are listed below for more information.

Contact Information

President: Hannah Korb
Email: KorbHE03@uww.edu
Phone: 608.225.9438
Vice President: Achile Orlowski
Email: OrlowskiAE19@uww.edu
Phone: 603.553.2317
Secretary: Ashley Heelein
Email: HeeleinAT08@uww.edu
Phone: 262.758.1470
Treasurer: Cher Woody
Email: WoodyCL16@uww.edu
Phone: 608.333.6850
Advisor: Sarah Hosseni
Email: HosseniS@uww.edu

Practice Schedule:
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Location IM Soccer Field (east side) IM Soccer Field (east side) IM Soccer Field (east side) IM Soccer Field (east side)
Time 4-6pm 4-6pm 4-6pm 4-6pm

Game Schedule
Date Time Location Tournament