Accounting Services Staff


General Information     (262) 472-1331
Trisha Barber Assistant Controller (262) 472-2877
Donna Bare Financial Specialist (262) 472-5506
Vacant Financial Specialist   (262) 472-1191
Vonnie Buske Controller (262) 472-3903
Jodi Sumpter Grant Accountant (262) 472-5785
Vacant Financial Specialist   (262) 472-1375
Dawn Marsh Admin Affairs IT Liaison (262) 472-5674
Vacant Financial Specialist   (262) 472-1210
Ryan Moore Purchasing Manager  (262) 472-1633
Shelly Scheckel Financial Specialist (262) 472-3912
Vacant Accountant   (262) 472-5505


General Questions  (262) 472-1331 
All Accounts Payable (TERs, PIRs, Quick Orders, PO Payments, Contracts, Tuition Reimbursement, etc.) please contact the Financial Specialist that will be processing the payment:
Sue Havlovick (262)472-1375                                          Shelly Scheckel (262) 472-3912
Department Dept Name Department Dept Name
10xxxx Gen Education Admin 21xxxx College of Business
23xxxx College of Art & Comm 3050xx Police
26xxxx iCIT 3060xx General Services
3010xx Admin Affairs 3070xx Risk Management
3015xx Admin Aff Prog Dev 308xxx Facilities Planning
Financial Services 3084xx Power Plant and Utilities
3085xx Projects
3090xx Parking
Center for Students with Disabilities
4080xx Auxiliary Services
4082xx Hawk Card
  4084xx Res Dining
4087xx University Center

Donna Bare (262)472-5506                                              Jill Brunk (262) 472-1191
Department Dept Name Department Dept Name
20xxxx Acad Aff Division 22xxxx College of Education
24xxxx College of Letters & Science 25xxxx Grad Studies and Cont Educ
4083xx Outdoor Facilities & Fields 27xxxx Enrollment and Retention
4085xx University Housing 4010xx Vice Chanc Stu Affair
4090xx Res Sports 4011xx Student Life
4091xx Intramurals 4012xx Career Services
4092xx General Recreation 4013xx Children's Center
4093xx Wheelchair Sports 4020xx-4022xx Health & Counseling Center
4094xx Club Sports
4095xx-4096xx Leadership Developmnet 60xxxx Student Assist Division
50xxxx University Advancement 95xxxx Seg Fee Admin
  96xxxx Mis Student Act

Carryover Contact the Budget Office (262) 472-1882
Capital Equipment/Inventory Vacant   (262) 472-1375
Dept ID or Project Code Trisha Barber (262) 472-2877
Financial Reporting Trisha Barber (262) 472-2877
Grants Jodi Sumpter (262) 472-5785
ImageNow Dawn Marsh (262) 472-5674
Peachtree Donna Bare (262) 472-5506
Procurement Ryan Moore (262) 472-1633
Record Retention  Dawn Marsh (262) 472-5674
Telecommunications iCIT    
Training See training schedule   
Transfers including Budget, Expensee, Revenue, Internal Sales, Chargeback       
     Send forms to: 
     Questions: See Accounts Payable Section
Travel See Accounts Payable Section
     Access Dawn Marsh (262) 472-5674
     Questions Trisha Barber (262) 472-2877