Financial Services
UW-Whitewater student financial services

Billing Information

Online Payment, Authorized Payer, Direct Deposit, and Nelnet Payment Plan Instructions

Billing Notes

  • Billing statements are produced monthly and email notifications are sent to UWW email addresses of eligible students and authorized payers.  The University does not mail monthly billing statements. 

  • Billing due dates are the 12th of each month. The next months' bills are processed the next business day after a due date. Finance charges are assessed during monthly billing. 

  • General Student Account information

  • Prior to enrolling in a term, your student account must be current and have signed the University's Terms and Conditions for Enrollment/Credit Agreement Students can access the agreement through WINS and click on Student Financial Account and Terms and Conditions. If you have a past due balance from a previous term, and are enrolled in a future term, you are at risk of having your classes cancelled.

  • Be sure to keep your personal profile information updated in WINS. This will ensure any mailings and the 1098-T tax form is accurate.

  • Spring charges will be posted the first week in January. This is to align our processes with IRS reporting requirements.

  • A 1.25% finance charge will be assessed per monthly billing cycle to charges past due that are not on the Nelnet Payment Plan. This will be charged on any past due principal charges greater than $200.

  • A 1.00% finance charge will be assessed per monthly billing cycle for any amounts placed on the  Nelnet Payment Plan. 

  • A Nelnet Payment Plan is available to students and authorized payers.

  • Federal Title IV loans (Direct, PLUS) and Pell grants are prohibited from paying finance charges.  Should you have these charges on your account and show an excess of federal aid, your refund will be delayed unless these charges are paid. Your Federal Title IV loan(s) and Pell grant will pay tuition, room, meals, and course fees only. To authorize Student Accounts to pay non-tuition educational charges as well, go through WINS and click on ‘Financial Aid’ and click on ‘Student Permissions’, then authorize.

  • Some specific grants and scholarships have restrictions on what charges are able to be paid with the funds.  

  • Scholarship checks should be turned submitted to the Cashier's Office, 104 Hyer Hall, at least 10 business days prior to term due date to allow for processing.  Scholarships received after this date will still be processed. Finance charges may be incurred during monthly billing if a scholarship check is not received in time for processing.

  • UW-Whitewater participates in the Wisconsin Dept. of Revenue Tax Refund Interception and Statewide Debt Collection programs. Past due balances are referred for collection.

  • Although Student Financial Services invoices students, campus departments are responsible for their specific charges.

    • For housing charge concerns, contact University Housing at or 262-472-4255.

    • For dining options and meal plan charge concerns, contact the Hawk Card office at or 262-472-1437.

    • For financial aid disbursement or other concerns, contact the Financial Aid office at or 262-472-1130.

  • Billing and student account information.

  • To contact the Student Financial Services Office, email or call 262-472-1373.