Campus Facilities Planning

Current Projects

Williams Center Pedestrian Ramp Replacement (16L1S)

Structural pedestrian bridge slab replacement includes elimination of the existing structure and replacing/installing a new one.  The existing pedestrian bridge has deteriorated and is not structurally sound.  The bridge slab spans from the entry/exit of the gym to a large slab on grade walkway.


Replace the gym floor in Roseman Building.  The project will replace the existing Robbins Descol Pulastic GT100 Flooring system with a new maple hardwood floor. The existing subfloor is concrete and the project will evaluate the need for a manufactured sub-floor and a shock pad.

Andersen Envelope Improvements

Repair Andersen Library's stone masonry.  The stone masonry mortar joints located above the roof to wall transitions will be inspected and repointed as necessary.  The mechanical louver and window frame-to-masonry joint sealants removed and replaced. Pre-cast concrete joint sealants removed and replaced and mechanical louver joint sealants removed and replaced.

The Campus Address Re-Alignment Project has been completed to improve emergency response, wayfinding and alignment with the City of Whitewater addressing grid. The address grid is maintained in an information technology platform for 911. Changes put in place ensure data in system is optimal for emergency response. This has been a joint effort between the City of  Whitewater’s Planning Office and Emergency Response and Dispatch Office and UW-Whitewater’s Police Department, Parking Services, ICIT and Campus Facilities Planning Team.

Campus Address Re-Alignment Project document

Campus Address Re-Alignment Crosswalk Table - Quick Reference


In-Progress Projects

FP&M Summer 2020 Project List

UWW State Project List         Status on current state projects on campus.

Instructional Space Improvements

Click here for link to list of instructional space improvement projects.

Additional Projects

  • Heating Plant Prep for Rental Boilers (19D1E)
  • Heating Plant Fuel Reliability/Retrofit (18K2S-02)
  • Multi-building elevator replacement (Hyer/Winther) (18K2L)
  • Power Plant generator replacement (19L2P)
  • Community Engagement Center - Now Open!

Recently Completed

4 picture banner depicting interior views of renovated buildings

New Residence Hall- Ma'iingan Hall (15JK2E)
Construction of a new 6-story, 410 bed residence hall began during Spring Break 2018.    The new hall will consist of Pod-style housing, which is best described as two traditional double-occupancy residence hall rooms attached to a bathroom.  Each floor will have its own living room with kitchen, eating space and tv.  The building will have 100 pods with 20 pods per floor. RA's will have a studio apartment type unit with two of those units on each floor.  Live in Residence Life Complex Director and Assistant Complex Director staff will have an apartment on the first floor.  Common amenities like reception desk, computer lab, meeting spaces, study spaces and laundry room will be available on the first floor.

Community Engagement Center
The UW-Whitewater Community Engagement Center (CEC) is a facility for the university and the larger community to collaborate on mission-based university efforts, inspired by The Wisconsin Idea.  The CEC will continue our long history of community involvement and service to our partners in Whitewater and the surrounding areas.  Click on the CEC title or here for more information on the services and occupants of the CEC.

CA35 Printmaking Lab Renovation (16F2F)

CA35 Printmaking Lab renovation was a UW-System instructional space project.  This project expanded the printmaking lab footprint by approximately 900sf and imprived safety and accessibility of the lab.  The project also improved ventilation and provided fire suppression.