Campus Facilities Planning

Current Projects

Esker Hall Roof Replacement (19C2J)

This project replaces all roofing systems for Esker Dining Hall. The project replaces roof coverings and completes all other associated ancillary work to maintain envelope integrity and prevent damage to the building and its contents.

McGraw Hall Exterior Entrance Repair (19G2M)

The project repairs the south entrances of McGraw Hall and improves ADA accessibility connections with the adjacent pedestrian routes.

Center of the Arts Roof Replacement (20D21)

This project replaces the roofing system for Center of the Arts Building. The project scope includes replacing the roof coverings and installing new fully-adhere Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) roofs.

The Campus Address Re-Alignment Project has been completed to improve emergency response, wayfinding and alignment with the City of Whitewater addressing grid. The address grid is maintained in an information technology platform for 911. Changes put in place ensure data in system is optimal for emergency response. This has been a joint effort between the City of  Whitewater’s Planning Office and Emergency Response and Dispatch Office and UW-Whitewater’s Police Department, Parking Services, ICIT and Campus Facilities Planning Team.

Campus Address Re-Alignment Project document

Campus Address Re-Alignment Crosswalk Table - Quick Reference


In-Progress Projects

FP&M Summer 2022 Project Map

For More Detailed information on McGraw Hall Entrance Replacement - Project Schedule

UWW State Project List         Status on current state projects on campus.

Instructional Space Improvements

Click here for link to most recent instructional space improvement project.

Additional Projects

  • Upham Exterior Caulking Project (20I1J)
  • Boiler #6 Upgrade/Repair (19B2I)
  • Esker Hall Roof Replacement (19C2J)
  • McCutchan Patio (Pad, Canopy, Furniture)
  • McGraw Roof and Envelope Repair (20L1C)
  • Community Engagement Center - Now Open!

Recently Completed

CA- Sculpture Lab Renovation Completed

Arts Sculpture Lab Renovation (19G3L)
The intent of this project was to provide a safe and healthy environment for instruction and student success.  The project reconfigured the Arts Sculpture Lab (CA1036) to meet current safety, health and ventilation requirements for sculpture and metal fabrication, coating, etching and other standard related techniques.  The project provided separate process areas per accreditation requirements.  Lighting and technology were also improved to better meet programmatic need.   The project also provides replacement of outdated or unsafe equipment.  The project also included construction of a new foundry addition to relocate the foundry function into.  This relocation of that function created sufficient space to optimize the configuration of the existing lab.

Community Engagement Center
The UW-Whitewater Community Engagement Center (CEC) is a facility for the university and the larger community to collaborate on mission-based university efforts, inspired by The Wisconsin Idea.  The CEC will continue our long history of community involvement and service to our partners in Whitewater and the surrounding areas.  Click on the CEC title or here for more information on the services and occupants of the CEC.

Young Auditorium Dimming Project (20B2E)

This project replaced the dimming and network portion (control systems, stage manager panels, house light control stations, work light control stations, dimmer racks, relay racks, cabling and wiring, and emergency lighting transfer switch) of the lighting system at Young Auditorium and included lobby and terrace lighting and controls upgrades.   The existing system communicated over a discontinued proprietary network.  Updating the ligthing network to the standard ACN language allows proper connection to equipment and streamline the lighting  setup and operations.