College of Business and Economics


Program Update

We are no longer accepting applications for the graduate certificate in Accounting for Spring and Summer 2021. Please contact us at for more details.

The 12-credit graduate certificate in Accounting focuses on skills required for the CPA exam. It provides incremental coverage of CPA content, the resume-building benefit of a certificate, and progression toward the 150 credit hour requirement for licensure. 

Going beyond a bachelor's degree, students can complete 150 credits while receiving both a graduate certificate and a master's degree. Alternatively, students may complete 150 credits with a graduate certificate and a bachelor's degree. This option requires additional credits at the undergraduate level, which can be met through a minor or a second major.

Please contact us for more information on how to incorporate the graduate certificate in Accounting in your plan to meet the 150 credit CPA requirement — and best align with your goals.

Certificate Requirements:

Students must complete the four courses below.  More information on the program structure and courses can be viewed in the Graduate Catalog.

  • ACCOUNT 749: Advanced Auditing
  • ACCOUNT 757: Issues in Financial Accounting 
  • ACCOUNT 758: Tax Research  or ACCOUNT 759: Tax Research, Volunteer Experience, and Practical Tax Learning 
  • ACCOUNT 781: Accounting Theory and Applied Research 

Admission Requirements:

To qualify for admission to the certificate program, you must meet the MPA degree program admission requirements.

What if you do not meet the admission requirements? Please email or call us at (262) 472-1945 to see if you could be admitted on a conditional basis.