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MPA (Master of Professional Accountancy)

Program Update

We are no longer accepting applications for the MPA program for Spring and Summer 2021. The MBA with Accounting emphasis is available as an alternative. Please request information or contact us at for more details.

Prepare for an advanced career in accounting

The MPA (Master of Professional Accountancy) from UW-Whitewater provides the specific knowledge and skills that employers value. During their careers, professionals with graduate degrees in accounting earn higher salaries and are promoted faster than those with undergraduate degrees. This full-time program can be completed in about one year; however, students may also take classes part-time if desired. While the program has been designed primarily for students with undergraduate accounting degrees, students with other undergraduate degrees can join the program by taking additional foundation courses.

Customized degree planning

UW-Whitewater offers  more than 40 electives covering the breadth of contemporary accounting and other business-related issues. This allows students to tailor the MPA program to meet their interests and career goals. Electives fall under the categories of accounting, economics, finance and business law, information technology and supply chain, and management. In addition, students may earn a 12-credit graduate certificate in Accounting. The courses in the certificate — which are a subset of the MPA program — provide incremental coverage of CPA content and align with specific sections of the exam.

Meet CPA licensing requirements

The State of Wisconsin requires CPA candidates to have 120 credit hours and a bachelor’s degree to sit for the exam; however, they must have 150 credit hours to become a licensed CPA. The Master of Professional Accountancy program fulfills the additional credits required for CPA licensure, and our graduates' first-time exam pass rate consistently exceeds state and national averages. In addition to the CPA exam, you will be prepared for other professional certifications and examinations such as Certified Management Accountant (CMA).

The UW-Whitewater Master of Professional Accountancy has been updated to allow students to select more of the classes they take. With more than 40 electives to choose from, students can customize their degree plan to better match their career interests. 

To earn the UW-Whitewater MPA, you must complete:

  • Breadth (12 credits)
  • Electives (18 credits)

Additional information, including course descriptions and program policies, can be found in the Graduate Catalog.

Because MPA graduates typically complete the program immediately following their bachelor's degree and do not yet have extensive work experience, the benefits of their master's are generally more appreciable with time. On average, accounting professionals with master's degrees earn $22,000 (32%) more per year than those with bachelor's degreesand are typically promoted faster. Information from surveyed UW-Whitewater MPA graduates is shared below, as well as industry-reported salary information that reflects more of a mid-career average.

MPA Placement Rate2


Highlighted Employers3

Baker Tilly LLP, Deloitte & Touche LLP, EY, Grant Thornton LLP, KPMG, PwC, Smith & Gestland, Wegner CPAs, Wipfli LLP, Wisconsin Department of Revenue

Common Titles3

Assurance Associate, Auditor, Forensic Associate, Staff Accountant, Tax Accountant

Industry Salary (national average)


UW-Whitewater Salary Estimate (6 months or less after graduation)3


Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce Analysis of U.S. Census Bureau, 2015
Based on 2018 - 2019 survey data
3 Self-reported data from survey respondents
4 national salary data (1 to 20+ years of professional experience)