K-12 (all ages in public schools)

The K-12 programs prepare students to teach all ages in Wisconsin public schools. Academic major(s), or minor(s), are complemented by educational foundations coursework, methods courses, and fieldwork, which qualify students for teaching lisencsure at the K-12th grade levels

The faculty listed below advise in the licensure portion of the majors listed next to them. For an advisor in the majors listed below please contact the corresponding department.

Licensure Areas

Program Coordinator

Art Kristen Monday 262-472-4860 WH 3037
Business & Marketing Denise Roseland 262-472-1831 WH 4045
Music Education (Bachelor of Music)  Alena Holmes 262-472-1217 CA 2006
World Languages Jenna Cushing-Leubner 262-472-2198 WH 3039
Physical Education Nikki Hollett 262-472-1140 WC 123
Theatre Bruce Cohen 262-472-1198 CA 2034