Center for Students with Disabilities

Current Students


(Please also see the Warhawks Return page)

  • Due to Governor Evers “Safer at Home Order”, the Center for Students with Disabilities is working remotely through the end of the semester. We are operating and available during our regular hours of 8:00 to 4:30. During this time staff will be available via email, their normal office phone line, and video conference meetings via WebEx.
  • Information on using Webex can be found on ICIT’s webpage. Please note that staff availability may be impacted.
  • If you are approved for extended time requirements, we ask that you remind your instructors to program the extra time into the tests & quizzes.
  • If you require the use of assistive technology (such as Kurzweil or screen magnifiers), your instructor will need the online tests & quizzes to be available outside of Respondus Lockdown Browser, as it will block the use of these technologies.
  • If you require the use of live readers or scribes, please contact your instructors & your Disability Services Coordinator. Your DSC can help you discuss possible extensions to work around your family’s availability, or make arrangements with CSD class aides to utilize Webex during the exam (the test will need to take place outside of Respondus Lockdown Browser to do so.)
  • If you require breaks during tests, you should discuss additional time accommodations beyond your extended time with your DSC & instructor. There is no pause feature in Canvas tests. 
  • We will be able to proctor exams on a case-by-case basis, but will require flexibility in scheduling as extensions may be necessary.
  • You still have access to Kurzweil during this period of alternative instruction, either through the program installed on your personal machine or the online version, Firefly
  • Additional requests for conversions can be made through the Alt Media Request, or by contacting our Alternative Media Team at
  • If your instructor switches to livestreaming lectures using Webex or other software, notetakers will be expected to continue providing notes just as in in-person lectures.
  • If your instructor switches to recordings which can be replayed or entirely text instruction, notetaking will be suspended until regular instruction resumes.
  • Both one-on-one tutoring and drop-in tutoring will be switched to online meetings through Webex. Please see ICIT’s instructions for using Webex.
  • The PA Coordinator will be in touch with students and tutors with the process for online tutoring.

Transportation during the period of alternative instruction will be on a case-by-case basis.

Aiding services will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Please inform the Aiding Coordinator at if you do not plan to return to campus during alternative instruction.  

Please note that aiding services cannot be provided in private residence or off-campus.