Center for Students with Disabilities

Prospective Students

Welcome to UW-Whitewater Center for Students with Disabilities! CSD is dedicated to ensuring access and inclusion for all students with disabilities on the Whitewater and Rock Branch (or Whitewater at Rock) campuses.  CSD serves UW-Whitewater students with physical, learning, sensory, psychological, health-related, or other disabilities substantially affecting a major life activity (i.e. walking, hearing, seeing, breathing, or learning).  Apply now for services at the UW-Whitewater or UW-Whitewater at Rock campuses.

MAIN CAMPUS CSD CARPETING: During the month of August, the Whitewater office will be getting new carpeting.  Phones may disconnected during this time, so please have patience in staff returning your call.  If you have sensitivity to chemical smells, please let us know before your appointment!