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Eligibility for Accommodation Services is determined on an individual basis for each student who applies for services. Approval for services is determined by evaluating a student's documentation of the diagnosed condition creating the barrier, the demonstrated need for the accommodation, and the student to making a request for the specific service. If a student received a service prior to attending UW-Whitewater does not guarantee that the service will be available or approved at the University level.

Mandated services provided through CSD may include:

Advocacy and Liaison: Advocacy and liaison services are available to CSD students. Contact your CSD Key Contact to discuss your specific situation or concern.

Interpreting/Captioning: Accurate translation of spoken/auditory information in the classroom for students who are Deaf or hard of hearing. CSD also provides captioning of classroom information and course content. Interpreter Request Form.

Alternative Media: Alternative media is the provision of printed materials in alternative formats for individuals with visual or information processing disabilities. Print materials are provided in a variety of alternative formats. Click here for more information and to access the Alternative Media Text Conversion Request form.

Alternative Testing: Equal access to the testing process at the University without compromising the integrity of the class.

Classroom accommodations: Create equal access to the learning environment (i.e. preferential seating, accessible room location, chair/table/desk adjustments, etc.).

Assistive Technology/Adaptive Computer Lab The CSD Adaptive Computer Lab is available to all UW-Whitewater students with priority in access given to students with disabilities. The centrally located lab features adjustable workstations and offers a variety of computers and software in a networked environment. It provides full Internet, wireless access, campus network access, printers and assistive technology software programs.

Note taking: Access to copies of class notes to qualified students with disabilities through the HawkNotes system.

In-class Aide/Library Assistance: Equal access to classroom activities and library services for students who cannot physically manipulate course materials.

Available Equipment/Software in the Lab

  • Adjustable and networked computer stations, PC and Macintosh platforms
  • Software applications such as Microsoft Office and graphics programs
  • Laser and color printing
  • Braille printing
  • Specialized keyboards including on-screen keyboards and Intellikeys
  • Keyguards
  • Screen reading software - JAWS, Home Page Reader, etc.
  • Voice recognition software - Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • Screen enlargement software - ZoomText
  • Scan and read software - Kurzweil
  • Scanners

The lab is staffed during the day and early evenings with knowledgeable lab monitors to assist students to access the lab equipment and answer questions.

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Non-Mandated, Fee-Based services for eligible students with disabilities may include:

Adaptive Transportation: Pick-up/Drop-off service for Academic and Non-Academic rides. For more information please click HERE

Out of class aides: Assistance physically completing homework activities/projects (not tutoring).

CSD Project ASSIST: Project ASSIST is a supplementary, fee-based program that provides comprehensive and individualized support services to students. The program is intended to empower students with the tools they need to be successful at UW-Whitewater and in the adult community. While the primary focus of Project ASSIST is academic support, the program also addresses strengthening the student's time management, organization and problem solving skills. Eligible students may choose to participate in this program each semester. For more information please click HERE

CSD Summer Transition Program: This is a four-week high school to UW-Whitewater transition program for incoming freshman with disabilities. The intent of the program is to help students make a smooth transition from high school to university life. Students are enrolled in two, three-credit courses. For more information please click HERE

Services for Temporary Disabilities: Temporary disabilities include, but are not limited to, broken limbs, burns, post-surgery recovery and other similar conditions that temporarily impair or influence with students' abilities to fully participate in academic activities.

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More Information

  • If you are interested in obtaining services or learning more about eligibility requirements, please review How to Become a CSD Client.
  • If you have a VISA on file with CSD please review the specific services for which you are approved. Please follow the policies and procedures for each of your approved services carefully, since some require substantial lead time to implement.
  • NOTE: It is the student's responsibility to set up and follow through on any required training for services.
  • For more information regarding the provision of these services, please contact the Center for Students with Disabilities at 262-472-4711.

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