Center for Students with Disabilities

Alternative Media

You still have access to Kurzweil during this period of alternative instruction, either through the program installed on your personal machine or the online version, Firefly!  If you need Kurzweil for your online quizzes or tests, you can download the Read-the-Web extension for Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers.  Please note that your instructors will need to make the quiz/test available outside of Lockdown Browser for you to use this technology, and they may propose alternative options (such as recording their own reading).

Alternative media is the provision of printed materials in alternative formats for individuals with visual or information processing disabilities. The student must provide appropriate documentation to the Center for Students with Disabilities to be determined eligible to receive this service, which is added to the student’s profile on the Accommodation Request Portal.

To receive materials, the student must:

  1. Review and complete an Alternative Media Agreement Form with their Disability Services Coordinator
  2. Complete an online electronic Alt Media Request. This will submit the student’s request to Alternative Media Services at the CSD. Here are instructions for completing an Alt Media Request.
    1. Alternative Media WILL NOT automatically convert a student’s course materials.
    2. Requests made through email or phone will not be fulfilled, unless otherwise specified by Alternative Media.
  3. Students must be prepared to provide copies of receipts for books to Alternative Media for any books purchased rather than rented, or for books rented from services other than the University Bookstore (such as Chegg).

In order to assure the availability of textbooks and other materials in alternate format, all relevant textbook information must be provided to CSD as soon as it is available. Students are responsible for obtaining this information as soon as possible after they register for classes. It can take up to 4 weeks to complete a request.

The following alternative media formats are currently offered and supported by CSD: 

  • Kurzweil 3000 file (.kes)
  • PDF (.pdf)
  • Large print (Alternative Media will evaluate each request for large print to determine whether it may be converted in-house or if it must be sent to another service)
  • Text file (.txt)
  • Rich Text Format (.rtf)
  • MS Word file (.docx)
  • \MP3 audio
  • Braille (Braille conversion is limited to short readings and exams; full books/textbooks requested in Braille will be sent to a conversion service, which requires advanced notice)


Alt media request form                                                                                                            Link to Kurzweil Firefly log in