Center for Students with Disabilities

Alternative Media

Alternative media is the provision of materials in alternative formats for individuals with disabilities. Students work directly with their Disability Services Coordinator to determine eligibility for this service and the appropriate format(s).

Submitting Requests

To receive materials, you must submit requests. Instructions are listed below. A help guide with pictures included can be found HERE.

  1. Request accommodations for each of your classes in which you wish to use alternative formatted text.
    1. Please see instructions for how to request accommodations HERE.
  2. Go to the My Accommodations Bar on the left-hand side of your screen.
  3. Click on "Alternative Formats" under "My Accommodations". 
  4. Click on the dropdown arrow to specify your preference and then click "update alternative format preference."
  5. Please check your Alternative Formats Preference and enter the book information.
  6. Once you have selected alternative format accommodations for your classes, all books available at the University Bookstore for the courses you are registered for will show up.
  7. Select the books you want using the "Select" link. 
  8.  We will need a proof of purchase for any non-rental textbooks.
    1. Include which books are on the receipt in the notes section.
    2. Include any other information you feel would be helpful for us to have in the notes section.
    3. Receipts will be checked against the book request and we will record the necessary proofs of purchase.

Note: If your book is not listed in the bookstore feed, you will need to make a custom request. Instructions on how to do so are in the guide linked above.

What Alternative Media Offers

The following alternative media formats are currently offered and supported by CSD: 

  • Kurzweil 3000 file (.kes)
  • PDF (.pdf)
  • Large print (Alternative Media will evaluate each request for large print to determine whether it may be converted in-house or if it must be sent to another service)
  • Text file (.txt)
  • Rich Text Format (.rtf)
  • MS Word file (.docx)
  • MP3 audio
  • Braille (Braille conversion is limited to short readings and exams; full books/textbooks requested in Braille will be sent to a conversion service, which requires advanced notice).