Center for Students with Disabilities

Alternative Testing

Faculty, students and the Center for Students with Disabilities share responsibility for accommodating test-takers with disabilities. The preference is that all students, regardless of disability status, will take exams within the academic department. Coordinating test administration, including accommodated exams, within academic departments maintains exam integrity and security. It offers students the opportunity to have questions answered. Keeping students with disabilities in the class, or with the instructor, for exams gives them an equal opportunity to participate in the same exam process as all other students.

In situations where accommodations cannot be provided within the academic department, students may request alternative testing accommodations from CSD. Such situations may include a student needing assistive technology, a reader, or a scribe as part of the approved accommodation.

In order to receive testing accommodations, alternative testing must be identified as an approved accommodation on the student's Accommodation Request Portal (ARP) profile. Students will notify instructors of his or her need for alternative testing by providing them with a system generated email. Students will then need to complete Alternative Testing Contracts, preferably with their instructors. It is the student's responsibility to initiate the conversation with their faculty member about how testing will be coordinated. If it is determined that alternative testing needs to be conducted at CSD, it is the student's responsibility to follow all steps of the process in a timely manner.

The student is responsible for scheduling each exam taken in CSD. Instructors are responsible for completing Alternative Testing Contracts. Students need to complete Alternative Testing Requests in ARP.

Students review the Alternative Testing process with their Disability Services Coordinator (DSC) during their intake. Reminders of the process are included in each Alternative Testing Contract. The process is also below; please note that “being unaware of the process” is not a valid reason for not following the appropriate steps when requesting a test in CSD. Questions regarding CSD’s testing process should be directed to the student’s DSC.


  • Students are responsible for notifying their instructors of their approved testing accommodations in a timely manner, using the Accommodation Request Portal.
  • Students should meet with their instructors to complete the Alternative Testing Contract for the class. If it is not possible for a student to meet with their instructor in a timely manner, instructors are able to complete Alternative Testing Contracts on their own. 
    • Alternative Testing Contracts are NOT required for classes with no tests or quizzes.
    • Alternative Testing Contracts are USUALLY NOT required for classes with only online tests; HOWEVER, students requiring accommodations such as scribes or alternative formats, which would be provided by CSD, SHOULD COMPLETE Contracts with their instructors.
    • Alternative Testing Contracts SHOULD BE completed even if a student plans on taking their exams with an instructor providing accommodations.
  • Students must submit Alternative Testing Requests at least five (5) business days before their test date. Same day requests ARE NOT accepted.
  • Students are responsible for checking their UWW email for responses from the Alternative Testing Coordinator.
  • If the date of an exam or quiz changes, students must modify their Alternative Testing Request as soon as possible. 
  • If students miss an exam due to illness or other reasons, they must make arrangements to make up the exam with their instructor.
    • CSD will only proctor make-up EXAMs with instructor approval and if the original exam was scheduled at CSD.
  • All exams are scheduled during the course time and date. The only exceptions are course conflicts or the class happening outside of testing room hours. All other exceptions must be scheduled with the instructor.
    • Work, doctor’s appointments, preferred dates, and vacations will not be considered in scheduling.
  • Alternative testing in CSD is available Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm. All testing must be completed by 4:30 pm.
    • During final exam week, testing is available Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.
  • Students must submit Alternative Testing Requests at least ten (10) business days before their final exam date. LATE REQUESTS ARE NOT ACCEPTED FOR FINALS.
  • Students check in at the CSD front desk before their scheduled test time. Test time begins at the start time scheduled, not upon student arrival. If a student arrives late for a scheduled test, time missed will not be added back.
  • If a student takes an exam or quiz at a different time than the rest of the class, students are expected to not discuss the content with other students; doing so is a violation of academic integrity and can result in disciplinary measures.
  • Exams are collected at the end of a student’s allotted time. If a student feels they need additional time, they must contact their instructor to discuss the possibility. CSD cannot grant additional time to finish; CSD can only proctor the approved start/end time.

Accommodation Request Portal

Students and instructors must use the Accommodation Request Portal to take tests in CSD. This includes notifying instructors of one’s testing accommodations, completing Alternative Testing Contracts, and completing Alternative Testing Requests.