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Electronic Access

Electronic access is a system used to control access to specific areas using a credential to identify the individual and a reader to read the credential.  This access can have an activation date, an expiration date as well as be controlled to only allow access certain times of the day or week.  It can even be set to only allow or disallow access under certain circumstances.  The system is centrally managed online system, requiring no administration at the physical door or lock controller.  This means that updates are applied in almost real time with little delay once an update has been issued.


Credentials are the things in the system that represent the cardholder to the device.  They can use many different types of technology from passive and active proximity to mag-stripe.  The Whitewater campus system uses both types of credentials in various locations.

Passive proximity cards are powered by the reader themselves and must be held close and steady to the reader unit.  Common forms styles of these credentials are cards like the UWW HawkCard, campus loaner cards, departmental ID badges, or key fobs attached to key rings.

Active proximity cards are powered by a built in battery and have a much greater range then the passive type.  Active proximity card will only work on certain readers like the long range Maxiprox. These cards are used in cases when the individual may not be able to effectively use a passive proximity card. 

Campus primarily uses a passive card called a HawkCard.  This credential is 2 different technologies in one, passive proximity and mag stripe.   Passive Proximity is used with the electronic access system and mag stripe is used for Dining Dollars, Purple Points and other purchasing.   Since these are two different technologies, one may work where the other does not.  Any issues with the mag stripe portion of the card should be directed to the HawkCard office in UC 250.  There are HawkCards in circulation without the passive proximity technology.   These cards can be distinguished by the lack of a Blue HID logo on the lower left hand corner with the mag-stripe held away from you, or the lack of a grey XceedID logo on the lower left had corner with the mag-stripe held close to you.  If you do not have a HawkCard with proximity technology and are in need of it for door access, please go to the HawkCard office in UC 250.


Readers are the device that is used to identify the cardholder trying to enter the area by reading a code off the credential.  The code on the credential is linked to the individual's account which may be granted to certain areas.  When the credential has valid access, the reader will display a green light and unlock the device for several seconds.  If the credential has no access to an area, the reader will stay red. 

Most readers will produce an audible response as well, usually consisting of a single beep.   Readers will display red if locked, green is unlocked via a card or via a timed unlock.

You will see different styles of readers on campus, will different looks and different sizes.  Door and door frame mounted readers will have a shorter read distance, requiring the card to be placed in contact of the reader center for reliable operation.   Wall mounted readers, like the mid-range and larger Maxiprox will have a slightly larger read range depending on conditions.  All readers require the credential to be steadily placed in front of the device.  Waving the credential near the device will not result in reliable operation.

Requesting Access

In the email or notification, state the reason for the request, the areas of the building you are requesting access, along with First name, last name, Student/Staff ID number or NetID, and if possible the number off the back of your credential.

University Housing Buildings

All University Housing Electronic Access requests should be sent to eaccess@uww.edu.   If you are a staff member making a request for a student or student group, please provide the start and end date for the request, along with the name of the group requiring access and which rooms they are requiring access to.

Campus and Academic Buildings

All Campus access must be approved by a Building Managers, Deans, or Department Chairs and Department Managers before it is processed.  Campus has created the following form to be filled out when a request is needed.  The items from the following form should be filled out and submitted.  
Other Access requests like building unlock schedules should be sent to fpmeaccess@uww.edu

Using Your Credential

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