Appeals for Record Changes After Two Years

Appeals for Record Changes After Two Years

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APPEALS FOR academic record changes after two years

UW-Whitewater academic record policy states that "no changes will be made to course entries that are not appealed within two years of the posting date, and changes will not be made to a record after a degree is officially entered". In practice this means that a change to an undergraduate or graduate student's academic record (i.e., a record that does not have a degree posted) must be made within two years after the end date of the term for which the change is requested. Requests for exceptions to the two-year change policy must be submitted as a formal appeal by the student. Please note, if a degree has been posted to a student's record, no appeal will be permitted to change a part of the student's academic record that is related to the degree.

No financial refunds (changes) will be awarded (made) for potential academic record changes.

The student, instructor, and department chairperson (undergraduate student appeals) or graduate program coordinator (graduate student appeals) are required to submit information to support the appeal. The dean (dean of the college of the student's major for undergraduates; dean of the School of Graduate Studies for graduate students) is the final authority and will approve or deny the request. The steps for submitting an appeal are as follows:


Prepare a written appeal for an exception to the UW-Whitewater policy regarding the two year requirement for academic record changes. The appeal must include an explanation of the extraordinary reasons why the late record change should be considered and must document the reasons why the change could not have been appealed within the two year period cited in the university policy. In addition to this statement, include all of the following information in the written appeal:

  • Your name, address, and phone
  • Your UW-Whitewater student ID number
  • An email address at which you can be contacted
  • The Term the course was taken (e.g. 2002 Fall)
  • The course's 4-digit Class Number (e.g. 2345)
  • The course's Subject, Catalog, and Section Number (e.g. English 101 section 03)
  • Course Title (e.g. Freshman English)

Submit your complete appeal to the instructor.


After receiving the appeal information from the student, please indicate your own support/non-support for the late change and the reasons why it should/should not be considered. This statement should be in memo form, must include an email address where you can be contacted, and be on official letterhead. Submit your statement along with the original copies of the student's written information to the department chairperson (undergraduate student appeals) or graduate program coordinator (graduate student appeals). Note: if the appeal is for a grade change, or a Late Add and a grade, prepare and submit a Grade Change form also.


Review the documentation from the student and the instructor. Via written memo on departmental letterhead, indicate:
a) your recommendation for approval or disapproval of the appeal and the reasons for your decision;
b) an email address where you can be contacted.
Submit your memo and the original copies of the student and instructor written documentation to the dean.


Review the documentation from the student, the instructor, and the department chairperson or graduate program coordinator. If you do not support the request for a late change, respond to the student in writing and copy the instructor, department chairperson or graduate program coordinator, and the Registrar's Office. The student's appeal for the late change will end here and no change will be made to the academic record. If you approve the late change, prepare a memo verifying the approval decision and submit it and the appeal packet to the Registrar's Office. The Registrar's Office will update the student's academic record and will send an email notification confirming the record change to the student, instructor, department chairperson or graduate program coordinator, and the dean.

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