Schedule of Classes Preparation Information

The information contained in the documents below is to assist with the departmental preparation of the Schedule of Classes for each term.

Class Scheduling Policy and Special Notes

Schedule of Classes Change Request Form

Schedule of Classes Manual

Class Schedule Worksheet - Block Format


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Course Fees Site & Deadlines

HE0302 – Languages and Literatures

HE0303 – Languages and Literatures

HE0309 – Communication

HE0312 – Communication

HH3101 – COBE Dean’s Office

HH3202 – COBE Dean’s Office

HY0210 – Computer Science

MG0019B – iCIT (only for intermittent use)

MG0019C – iCIT (only for intermittent use)

MG0115 – Computer Science

CA2080 – COAC Dean’s Office

HE0416 – Communication

HH1209 – COBE Dean’s Office

HH3300A – Finance/Business Law

HH3301A – ITSCM/Accounting

HH3303 – COBE Dean’s Office

HH3304 – Marketing/Finance/Business Law

HH4300A – COBE Dean’s Office

HH4301 – COBE Dean’s Office

HH4303 – COBE Dean’s Office

HH4304A – COBE Dean’s Office

HH4306 – Management

HY0142 – Chancellor’s Office

LT3003 – COLS Dean’s Office

LT4012 – COLS Dean’s Office

LT4016 – COLS Dean’s Office

LT4120 – COLS Dean’s Office

LT5025 – COLS Dean’s Office

RS2007B – Continuing Education

SA0105 – Recreation Sports

UC0066A – University Center/Royal Purple

UC0147 – University Center/Leadership Development

UC0150 – University Center/Leadership Development

UH0168 – Physics

UH0222 – Chemistry

UH0322 – Biological Sciences

WC0106 – Recreation Sports

WH4003 – COEPS Dean’s Office

WH4037 – Curriculum & Instruction

WH5030 – Special Education

WH6034 – Counselor Education/Education Foundations

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Scheduling for Class Related Events: Class Schedule

Scheduling for Non-Class Related Events: University Center Reservations