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The information contained in the documents below is to assist with the departmental preparation of the Schedule of Classes for each term.

2019-2020 Schedule of Classes Calendar

Class Scheduling Policy and Special Notes

Schedule of Classes Change Request Form

Schedule of Classes Manual


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Course Fees Site & Deadlines

HE0302 – Languages and Literatures

HE0303 – Languages and Literatures

HE0309 – Communication

HE0312 – Communication

HH3101 – COBE Dean’s Office

HH3202 – COBE Dean’s Office

HY0210 – Computer Science

MG0019B – iCIT (only for intermittent use)

MG0019C – iCIT (only for intermittent use)

MG0115 – Computer Science

CA2080 – COAC Dean’s Office

HE0416 – Communication

HH1209 – COBE Dean’s Office

HH3300A – Finance/Business Law

HH3301A – ITSCM/Accounting

HH3303 – COBE Dean’s Office

HH3304 – Marketing/Finance/Business Law

HH4300A – COBE Dean’s Office

HH4301 – COBE Dean’s Office

HH4303 – COBE Dean’s Office

HH4304A – COBE Dean’s Office

HH4306 – Management

HY0142 – Chancellor’s Office

LT3003 – COLS Dean’s Office

LT4012 – COLS Dean’s Office

LT4016 – COLS Dean’s Office

LT4120 – COLS Dean’s Office

LT5025 – COLS Dean’s Office

RS2007B – Continuing Education

SA0105 – Recreation Sports

UC0066A – University Center/Royal Purple

UC0147 – University Center/Leadership Development

UC0150 – University Center/Leadership Development

UH0168 – Physics

UH0222 – Chemistry

UH0322 – Biological Sciences

WC0106 – Recreation Sports

WH4003 – COEPS Dean’s Office

WH4037 – Curriculum & Instruction

WH5030 – Special Education

WH6034 – Counselor Education/Education Foundations

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Scheduling for Non-Class Related Events: University Center Reservations