How to Manage Checklists

How to Manage Checklists

Ask a complete question, like "How do I obtain my transcripts?"


View Checklists

1. Click on Campus Community

2. Click on Checklists

3. Click on Person Checklists

4. Click on Checklist Management - Person

5. Enter the Student ID number

6. Click on Search.

7. Click on the appropriate link from the search results. (If necessary)

8. If the Function is STRM click on Variable Data to view the term information.

9. Click on Checklist Management2 to view the checklist items.


Checklist or Item Status

Initiated – Student stills needs to complete item or checklist

Waived – Not required for this student.

Completed – Student has completed the checklist or item

If the Checklist is setup to appear in the Student Center it will appear as a To Do. The status must be set to Waived or Completed to be removed from the To Do list.

Add a Checklist

1. Same Navigation as View Checklists (Steps 1-4)

2. Click Add a New Value

3. Enter the Student ID number

4. Enter the Administrative Function and any Variable Data if required.

5. Enter the Checklist Code

6. Save.

Manage Checklist Items

1. Go to the Checklist Management2 Tab.

2. Use the "Plus" to add additional items

3. Change the status to completed or waived.

4. If the Checklist is complete return to Checklist Mangement 1 and change the status to completed.

5. Save.

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