How to View an Academic Advisement Report (AAR)

How to View an Academic Advisement Report (AAR)

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VIEWING academic ADVIsement REPORTS (aar)  **new**

Access WINS

1. Click on WINS on UW Whitewater’s home page at

2. Sign into WINS


Accessing Advising Reports/ Degree Progress

1. Click on Self Service.

2. Click on Advisor Center.

3. Click on Advisee Student Center.

4. Go to Change Advisee, select the correct advisee from the dropdown and click change.  .

5. In the Academic Section below, Select Advisement Report in the dropdown.

6. Click the Go button.

7. To view the AAR as a pdf, click on view report as pdf on the right in green.


Things to Remember

  • Upon entry into the online AAR, the collapsed blue areas are satisfied.  Detail about those areas can be expanded by clicking on the green arrow on the left.
  • All requirement groups in blue may be collapsed and expanded with the buttons at the top of the online AAR.  To return to the state upon entry where only satisfied ones are collapsed, return to the student center main page and reload the AAR. The most recent advisee will remain selected.
  • On the pdf version of the AAR, unsatisfied requirements will be in bold and satisfied requirements are unbolded.
  • To view the student's entire course history, scroll down to the bottom of the AAR pdf. The type of TE = Test, EN = Enrolled/Earned at UWW, TR = Transfer, IP = In Progress.
  • The green check indicates courses taken and the yellow diamond are courses in progress.  The blue star indicating "Planned" is not currently used.

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