Whether you are just starting your college education, transitioning into a new career, wanting to take advantage of your military education benefits, and/or returning to school to complete your undergraduate degree, UW-Whitewater offers adult learners a wide range of programs.  Along with a choice of over 46 undergraduate majors, UW-Whitewaters offers many support services through the Adult Student Outreach office to help you reach your educational goals.

Our campus is just the right size: it's large enough to offer many class options and a diverse student body but small enough that you'll receive individualized attention and your professors will know you by name.  Choose to pursue your degree full-time, part-time, evenings, online or any combination that works for your schedule and timelines.  UW-Whitewater also welcomes your application as a guest student (not seeking a degree but wanting college credit) or as an auditor (class entry but no college credit).

APPLY NOW! We invite you to join the 1000+ Non-Traditional students on campus.

Have questions?

Feel free to contact us with any questions about attending UW-Whitewater as a non-traditional or adult student.

Dave Hahn 
Adult, Veteran and Online Admissions
Phone: (262) 472-3157 

General Admissions/Reception Desk
(262) 472-1440

Transfer Admissions & Credits

We are happy you are considering the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. We are proud of our campus and look forward to the opportunity to assist you. If you have questions that are not covered in this web site, you may contact us any time.

Application Checklist

  1. Determine which type of applicant you are, such as:
    • freshman applicant: no post-secondary school attendance after high school;
    • a transfer applicant: attended another institution after high school, no matter how long ago;
    • re-entry applicant: you've attended UW-Whitewater and wish to return;
    • transfer/re-entry application: you've attended another school since leaving UW-Whitewater and now wish to transfer back; or
    • special student: you are pursuing a second undergraduate degree; you are taking a course(s) that does not count toward a degree; i.e., Teacher Licensure or Certification; or you are taking required courses to enter into a graduate program.
  1. If you wish to apply to one of our 100% Online Degrees, please apply as a transfer or readmit student, as applicable. The application does not have a question specifically for this major. Please include your intent to enroll in this program in your statement so that we may process it correctly.
  2. Log-in to the online application at
  3. Select "UW-Whitewater" from the menu.
  4. The "smart" application will ask you all applicable questions depending on your personal situation.
  5. Remember to click "SUBMIT" at the end of the application.
  6. Submit $44 USD application fee (unless you are directly transferring from a 2yr UW campus, have attended UW-Whitewater in the past or are applying as a special student not seeking a degree). You may pay the fee online at the time of application (or a later time by logging back in) or by mail with a personal check payable to UW Whitewater Admissions and mailed to our office.
  7. If military experience, submit a copy of DD214 or military transcript such as the AARTS/SMART or Community College of the Air Force for possible transfer credit for military experience.
  8. Note: You do not need to submit any official transcripts previously submitted to our office. Feel free to call and confirm that your previously submitted transcript(s) are still on file.

Please have institutions send official transcripts to:

University of Wisconsin - Whitewater
Undergraduate Admissions Office
Roseman Building, Room 2060
800 West Main Street
Whitewater, WI 53190-1791

Q: What is an official transcript?
A: An official transcript must come from the original institution in a sealed envelope.

We have created a PDF Checklist that is available for download and can be printed and/or saved for your convenience.


UW-Whitewater operates on a rolling admission basis but the university reserves the right to stop accepting applications when it believes its enrollment capacities for the campus can be satisfied by the number of students already admitted. 

For priority consideration, new freshman students should submit an application by May 1st for the fall semester and by November 1st for the spring semester. Transfer students should submit all documents by August 1st for the Fall semester; December 1st for the Spring semester. Admissions decisions are typically made within two to three weeks of all required documents being received in the Admissions Office.

UW-Whitewater does not require ACT or SAT scores for applicants age 21 or older. However, if you have current scores, official copies of ACT or SAT results are helpful if you did not complete English or Math at a previous university.

Placement testing is required to ensure students are placed appropriately when beginning at UW-Whitewater. If you have been admitted, please contact the Testing Office at 262-472-5613  to send up a testing date. For more information, check out their webpage at

Admission Consideration for non-traditional new freshmen

(Applicants who have not attended any schooling since high school)

UW-Whitewater completes a comprehensive application review for all students. A student's prior academic preparation is an important factor used in the decision, but a review of standardized exam scores (if taken), history of academic rigor, student activities, military service, volunteer activities, career accomplishments, life experience, the personal statement on the application, and anything else a student provides as part of the application are also seriously considered.  It is our goal to discover whether or not we believe the student can be successful in the collegiate environment.  Our process affords the admissions office the opportunity to learn about a person before making a decision.  We encourage adult students to tell us as much about themselves as possible including their future academic and career goals. We do not require the ACT or SAT test scores for applicants ages 21 or older.

Admission Consideration for transfer and 100% online degree applicants:

Students with at least 12 transferable credits are considered transfer students. (Students who are enrolled in their first semester or who will not have 12 transferable credits will be evaluated using new freshman admission criteria.)UW-Whitewater requires a minimum 2.0 (4.0 system) cumulative grade point average (GPA) based on at least 12 transferable credits for transfer admission to the university.  However, higher academic standards and minimum GPAs may be imposed by certain programs and may vary by the number of transferred credits.  In addition, students declaring business, education, social work, communication or health & human performance majors are subject to a combined GPA requirement that uses transfer grades in combination with Whitewater grades to determine eligibility for courses and graduation.  The combined GPA guidelines for each respective major and transferred credit totals are below are:

Business or Education

  • Less than 24 credits: 2.0 combined GPA
  • 24 to 71.5 credits: 2.5 combined GPA
  • 72 or higher credits: 2.75 combined GPA for education majors; 2.80 combined GPA for business majors

Additional degree requirements may be needed prior to being accepted into the college of business and economics to complete upper division business courses. Transfer credit is awarded for upper division business courses only if the equivalent courses were taken after completion of 60 credits and were junior or senior level at the previous institution. College of Education students who have earned a minimum of 40 credits, may be eligible to apply for admission to the college of education. Additional requirements are necessary prior to being admitted into the college of education. These requirements may be found at:

Social Work or Communication

  • 2.25 combined GPA for all social work, broadcast journalism, media arts and game development, electronic media, interpersonal communication and organizational communication majors.
  • 2.50 combined GPA for all advertising, print journalism and public relations majors.

Health and Human Performance

  • 2.25 combined GPA is required for admission.

If a student is not admitted based on the requirements of his/her chosen major, there are times when an applicant must change a desired major in order to secure admission to UW-Whitewater and/or later apply to their first major of choice if academic criteria and minimum GPA requirements are subsequently met. Students with greater than 72 credits are not eligible to choose 'undeclared' as an intended major.

Online Completion Degrees

Transfer students seeking the Online Liberal Studies or the Online Policital Science completion degree must meet a minimum 2.0 GPA for admission.
Transfer students seeking the Online General Business completion degree must meet a minimum 2.5 GPA (for 24 to 71.5 credits) or a 2.80 (for 72 or higher credits).

If you will be applying to an online degree completion program (Political Science Online, Liberal Studies Online, Online Early Childhood (ECE4U) or the Online Undergraduate General Business Program), please first contact the Program Coordinator for the program listed at Once a student is instructed by the Program Coordinator to apply, the applicant should indicate in their personal statement on the application that they are an online student applicant.

Shortly after submitting an application, an e-mail will be forwarded with instructions that allow each applicant to follow the progress of his/her application online.  The online access to WINS  (Whitewater Information Network for Students) is a great tool to keep track of what's missing, what's new and what's to come at UW-Whitewater.  WINS is called "self-service" as it will show you which documents are still needed for your application to be complete (although please allow a couple of days for the receipt of documentation to be recorded).  WINS will also display all student information regarding registration, billing and advising information for admitted students.

Credit for Prior Learning

We know as a nontraditional student you bring life and career experience to the classroom. Here is your chance to earn credit for it!

Auditing Courses

Please contact the Registrar's office if you are interested in auditing a course (taking a course for no credit).

Registrar's Office
UW - Whitewater
800 West Main Street
Roseman Building Room 2032
Whitewater, WI 53190-1790.

Email -
Phone - (262) 472-1570

Audit Policy

Students who wish to audit courses must obtain the audit registration form from the Registrar's Office, acquire the instructor's written approval (and, in some cases, the department's), and return the completed form to the Registrar's Office by the published deadline to add classes. Students registering for audit courses may do so on a space available basis and cannot change the courses to graded basis during the term of enrollment. Off-campus courses, College of Business and Economics courses, and Distance Education courses cannot be audited. Auditing of Art department courses may be limited.

Audit-Only Enrollees

  1. Wisconsin residents will pay 30% of the normal per unit resident academic fee and non-residents will pay 50% of the normal non-resident fee per the fee chart. No audit fees will be assessed disabled Wisconsin residents who are receiving federal old age survivors and disability insurance benefits (OASDI) under 42 USC 401 to 433, or Wisconsin residents age 60 or over.
  2. Students must contact the Registrar's Office (262/472-1570) prior to the start of term regarding their intent to register. Students will be registered (with instructor permission) beginning the week immediately prior to the start of the term.
  3. Any special course fees other than the normal tuition charges will be assessed and paid by the student.
  4. An audit grade symbol (X) will be recorded on the academic record provided the instructor reports satisfactory attendance.
  5. Access to University services will be limited to the library and to non-segregated fee funded activities of the University Center. A special identification card for audit-only students will permit this limited access.
  6. Regent, University, and Student Government regulations applying to other students will apply equally to audit-only enrollees.
  7. Students having a disability for which they would like to request a reasonable accommodation to assure access to campus programs, activities and services should contact the Office of Students with Disabilities, R 1004, or call 262/472-4711 for more information.

Audit and Credit Combination Enrollees

Students who are taking a combination of courses for regular credit and for audit will pay the regular fees for all units based upon the fee chart. The following stipulations will also apply:

  1. Students wishing to audit courses must obtain the audit registration form from the Registrar's Office, acquire the instructor's written approval, and return the completed form to the Registrar's Office.
  2. No credit will be granted for the course, but an audit grade symbol (X) will appear on the academic record provided the instructor reports satisfactory attendance.
  3. The audit course may be repeated for credit in another term.
  4. Audits do not count as units for veterans' benefit certification, financial aid consideration or verification of full-time status.

Military Credit and Student Verteran Services

Credit may be granted for military training and experience if the guide compiled by the American Council on Education (ACE) so recommends. Students submitting the AARTS, SMART or Community College of the Air Force transcripts may be evaluated to receive additional elective or degree credits. Once an evaluation has been conducted, any transferred credits will be posted to the student's academic record (AR) online. Transcripts may be submitted before or shortly after admission (preferably) or any time while the student is enrolled at UW-Whitewater.

For veteran education benefits information or certification, contact the Veteran Coordinator, Jan Nordin, at or visit
Contact your service branch to have an official transcript sent to UW Whitewater:

Veteran Admissions
For questions about military credit, please contact David Hahn in the Admissions Office at or at 262-472-3157.

All admitted students are requested through WINS to submit health and immunization documents to the university.   These forms are helpful in a medical emergency and recommended for students to complete; however, you are not required to submit such documents.  To request cancellation of the document requests on WINS, contact the University Health and Counseling Services department at (262) 472-1300, .

Student Orientation

All new and transfer students are required to attend "Plan-It Purple", the university's orientation, advising and registration program.  Readmit students are not required to attend but will need to seek advising from their advisor prior to being allowed to register for classes. Your advisor and his/her contact email will be listed on your WINS account approximately one week after you are readmitted.  If you wish to change your major, you will need to meet with your previous advisor first in order to initiate the change.

Registration information for Plan-It Purple will be sent at time of admission or can be found at  It is best to register as soon as you are admitted to reserve a space for you and or your guest.   In order to accommodate adult student needs and concerns, UW-Whitewater offers students the option to participate in an adult student group during the orientation event.

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