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UW-Whitewater Advising General Education Requirements

General Education: The Goals

The main goal of our general education program is to provide all students the tools they need to improve their thinking, reasoning, and problem solving skills so they can continue to succeed in the world after graduation. Through the many facets of this program, students will gain a broader understanding and appreciation of the scientific and cultural world around them.

General Education enhances students' abilities to:

  • Think critically and analytically integrate and synthesize knowledge, and draw conclusions from complex material.
  • Make sound ethical and value judgements based on the development of a personal value system, on an understanding of shared culture heritage, and knowledge of past success,failures, and consequences of individual roles and societal choices.
  • Understand and appreciate the culture diversity of the U.S. and other countries, and live responsibly in an interdependent world.
  • Acquire a base of knowledge common to educated persons and the capacity to expand that base over their lifetime.
  • Communicate effectively in written, oral, and symbolic form.
  • Understand the nature and physical world, the process by which scientific concepts are developed and modified.
  • Appreciate the fine and performing arts.
  • Develop the mathematical and quantitative skills necessary of calculation, analysis and problem solving.
  • Understand the principles essential for continual mental and physical well-being.

General Education Requirements

Communication and Calculation Skills (12-14 units or waivers):

  • English 100 or 101: Intensive College Reading and Writing or Intro to College Reading and Writing (3 or 4 Units)
  • English 102: Intro to College Reading, Writing and Research (3 Units)
  • Comm 110: Introduction to Human Communication (3 Units)
  • Math 139: Quantitative Reasoning (3 units)


  • Math 140: Mathematical Ideas (3 Units)


  • Math 142: Fundamentals of College Algebra (4 Units)

Quantitative and Technical Reasoning (7-11 units)

  • LAB SCIENCE (4-5 units) (GL) (may have Co-req or Pre-req of MATH 139 or 142) 
  • Science, Math, and/or Computer Science (GL, GM, GN, or GQ) (3-6 units) Different discipline than Lab Science 

Cultural Heritages & Communities (12 units)

  • CORE 110 World of the Arts (3 units) 
  • CORE 390 World of Ideas (3 units) (Pre-req of Junior Standing) 
  • CORE 130 Individual & Society (3 units) 
  • CORE 120 Historical Perspectives or CORE 140 Global Perspectives (3 units) 

Physical Health & Well-Being (1-2 units)

  • Personal Health & Fitness for Life (1 Unit)

Electives (8-12 units)

Coursework designated in: GA, GE, GG, GH, GI, GP, GS or GW
* No more than 1 course from any 1 subject (department); Exception: 2 GP courses may be used for a maximum of 1 unit of GP electives

U.S. Racial/Ethnic Diversity (2-3 units)

Note: Course may also fulfill GENED electives