College of Business and Economics

Business Analytics

Businesses, nonprofits and government organizations are increasingly reliant on the effective use of data. The business analytics major in the UW-Whitewater College of Business and Economics is an applied program that enables students to solve business problems with data. With a deep understanding of analytics and the broad business foundation of a BBA, graduates will be prepared to interpret data-driven insights in business settings and communicate recommendations to the business community.

The multidisciplinary program includes courses in information technology, economics, math and marketing. More specifically, the curriculum covers topics such as the role data plays in decision-making, processes and limitations of working with data, interpretation and communication of findings, and use of visualization tools. Along with learning how to work with data, students examine the ethical handling of business data and decision-making. They also develop skills through internships, as well as working on business problems with community partners.

Business analytics careers have an excellent outlook. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that occupations related to business analytics are expected to grow faster than average, and third-party market analysis confirms strong regional demand.

Overall degree requirements

  • General education requirements
  • Business foundation requirements
  • Major course requirements (see below)
  • Major elective requirements (see below)
  • Additional electives (to bring the total to at least 120 credits)

Major course requirements (all courses below)

  • Introduction to Programming for Business Applications (3 credits)
  • Database Design and Administration (3 credits)
  • Business Intelligence: Concepts, Methods and Technologies (3 credits)
  • Business Process Management and Simulation (3 credits)
  • Data Mining for Business Analytics or Mining Unstructured Data (3 credits)
  • Econometrics or Applied Statistics (3 credits)

Major elective requirements (three of the following courses)

  • Visualization, Infographics, and Technical Documentation (3 credits)
  • Data Mining for Business Analytics (3 credits)
  • Mining Unstructured Data (3 credits)
  • IT Security Analytics (3 credits)
  • Introduction to Supply Chain Analytics (3 credits)
  • Advanced Econometrics or Applied Regression Analysis (3 credits)
  • Advanced Digital Marketing (3 credits)
  • Marketing and Retail Analytics (3 credits)
  • IT Internship (3 credits)
  • Independent Studies (3 credits)

NOTE: A single course may not be used to satisfy both the required course and elective course categories.