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Online Courses for Guest Students

Note:  The process below applies to undergraduate Special No Credential Seeking students. Graduate students that wish to register as a Non-Candidate for Degree should contact for more information.

(Special No Credential Seeking Students - Undergraduate)

There is a three-step process to enroll as a guest student that includes 1) applying, 2) requesting permission to enroll in a course, and 3) enrolling in the course.

Step 1: Apply

Apply Now will take you offsite to the University of Wisconsin System application portal.

Step 2: Request Permission to Enroll in a Course

When you are admitted, you will receive a UW-Whitewater ID number. (It is a seven-digit number beginning with the number 2.) Once you have that ID number, complete the online form to request permission to enroll in a course. Please keep in mind:

  • In your request for permission to enroll in a course, we will need an unofficial transcript to confirm that you have met prerequisites for the course you wish to enroll in. You will also need to let us know which section of the course you wish to enroll in.
  • Once the prerequisites have been confirmed and permission has been entered in our registration program, WINS, for a specific course and section, please know that it CANNOT be changed. Permission is given only for the section you indicate in your online request.
  • You will be emailed within one week of requesting permission to enroll in the course with a confirmation that you have been granted permission, as well as your registration date. After this date, your permission will expire.
  • Please note that your seat is not reserved until you receive official permission to enroll. Therefore, classes that appear open may be filled with students who have been granted permission to register. Once those permissions are used, WINS will show the class is full.
  • In the case of seats opening because someone drops the class, the form you completed requesting permission to enroll in a course will keep you on a waitlist and those next in line will be notified and given permission to enroll.
  • FERPA regulations only allow us to communicate with accepted students about personal educational requirements and classes.

NOTE:  Most special no credential student questions are submitted during the prime of our UW-Whitewater student course registration period. Because of limited resources, the registration process for special non-credentialed students is completed via email. Our specialist will call a special non-credentialed student if an issue requires verbal clarification. Our specialists work to handle requests within two days.

Step 3: Enroll

After receiving permission to enroll, you must still go into WINS and enroll in the course using the UW-Whitewater ID number you received when you applied. If you do not enroll by the date indicated in the email you receive, you will lose your spot in the course.

Helpful Links

Schedule of classes

Course Prerequisites
(After you click on the link above, you will need to choose the department that offers the course you wish to enroll in, and then the "courses" tab to see specific course prerequisites.)

Course equivalencies between UW schools

Student account information

Pay your bill

Request transcripts

Register for classes in WINS

If you have additional questions, please email You will receive an email response from our specialists within two business days.