College of Business and Economics

Change Your Major

Choosing the correct major is an important decision, and finding the right major will play a critical role in your success both here in the College of Business and Economics and when you enter the job market. It is a decision worth a good amount of consideration, conversation and preparation. 

To explore majors and future career fields, please schedule a meeting with a career adviser. To discuss academic plans and to change your major, please schedule a meeting with an academic adviser. More details are found on the Advising Sessions and Staff page.

Eligibility to change to a business major

To declare a business major, the following combined cumulative grade point averages (GPA) are required:

  • Students with less than 24 credits—2.0 combined GPA
  • Students with 24 to 72 credits—2.5 combined GPA
  • Students with more than 72 credits—2.8 combined GPA

To change from a non-business major to a business major, please go to the department of your current non-business major to complete a Major/Minor Change Form. Bring the completed form to the Advising Office located in room 1200 of Hyland Hall.

Current business majors wanting to add an emphasis, add a minor, or change to a different business major can make this request by speaking with an adviser.