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UW-Whitewater Supported Resources for Remote Learning

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Quick Tips for Getting Started

Find additional student resources for remote learning from other areas of campus. 

Remote Learning Resources for Students

This site contains resources from other areas on campus including Tutoring, Library Services, Academic Advising, and the Student Success Center. 

Find people in my classes remotely to study with or make a virtual appointment with my advisor.

Navigate Student

  • Download the Navigate Student app or visit
  • To find your classmates and form study groups, click on the Study Buddies
  • If you are advised in the College of Business, Academic Advising & Exploration Center, or College of Integrated Studies (Rock County Campus), you can make a virtual appointment with your advisor by clicking on the Appointments Other departments will continue to be added through Fall 2020.

Know the latest information on the situation.

Official information will be sent out using campus alerts and email.

  • Check your UW-W email address often (at least once per day if not more). We also recommend setting up your phones and devices to connect to your account. Configuring it on your device will allow you to get real-time notifications when messages are sent. 
  • The campus also sends out emergency notifications using Informacast.  

Make sure I receive updates on my courses and know when things are due. 

Depending on your instructor’s communication preferences and prior use of Canvas, it is important to check your UW-W email and Canvas course sites frequently.

  • As stated above, check your UW-W email often! 
  • Also, check your Canvas course sites often for updates!
  • Set up your Canvas notifications to help you stay on top of things. The most likely ways an instructor will try to reach you from within Canvas are Announcements and Conversations, so definitely turn those on.  If you want to receive the notifications directly to your phone, be sure to update your contact methods.   
  • Use the calendar to see when items for your courses are due. 
Access academic software from my personal device.

Virtual Labs (Citrix)

Collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with others.

Google Drive

  • Talk with your team about how you want to use Google Drive for your work. 
  • The key is the organization of work into folders and making sure everyone has access to those folders! You might think about creating a Shared Google Drive as a way to share multiple files with a team-use. 
  • Quickly learn Google Drive Basics.
Create a virtual space to chat, share files, and hold meetings with a group or your instructors.  Webex Teams
  • Collaborate with your classmates from anywhere on any device with Webex Teams. 
  • Download it to your computer, tablet, and/or phone to never miss a communication! 
  • Check out this QuickStart Guide and Use Cases to get started! 
  • Watch this 1.5-minute video to learn how to send a message in Webex Teams! 
Schedule and run an online meeting Webex Meetings

Join and participate in an online meeting Webex Meetings
Access campus online resources. UW-Whitewater App
  • Download the  UW-Whitewater App to access resources, communicate with your peers, view your course schedule, and receive reminders on course due dates.