Withdraw Procedures

While attending UWW, circumstances may arise that require a student to withdraw from the University.  If you are considering dropping ALL of your classes (regardless of how many classes) after the term begins, you are considered to be "WITHDRAWING" from the University.  After the term begins, WINS will not allow students to drop all their classes online so a "Withdraw from the University" must be submitted.

Published Deadlines  

Drop a Class (drop one or some classes within term)  

Withdraw from a Term (drop ALL classes within term)  

Things to Remember

  • Withdrawing from a term drops all classes.
  • You will only be able to withdraw from a term in which you have enrollment.
  • Continuously check your Checklist, Student Account Holds, and Student Account balance on WINS as charges could incur during the term and shortly thereafter.
  • If you are an international student, student athlete, receive financial aid, veteran's and/or other benefits, please meet with the appropriate official before withdrawing.  There may be legal, certification, and/or repayment penalties associated with the withdraw.
  • If you have completed one or more classes prior to requesting a withdraw for the term, the withdraw will be processed only for the remaining in-progress classes.  Completed classes and grades (including incomplete grades) will remain on your academic record.
  • The withdraw process may take up to 48 hours for processing; however, the day the Registrar's Office receives your withdraw is the official date of the withdraw.  If you have missed the deadline for withdraw you may appeal, by submitting a Extenuating Circumstances Appeal Form and appropriate documentation to the Registrar's Office.