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Previous Residence Hall Programs

Recycling Carnival

Goals of Program:

  • To encourage residents to recycle for Recyclemania
  • To teach residents what is and what is not recyclable
  • To show residents fun things to do with recyclables

Descriptions: LIT saved cans/bottles for about a month. There was recycled bowling, pyramid toss, and a fishbowl toss to win an actual gold fish. There was also a recycle race, face painting, cards for soldiers with recycled materials, and making re-usable bags from old t-shirts. There were snacks and a ton of Chuck-E-Cheese type prizes.

Cost of program: $100 funded by LIT

Marketing: Made promos in the shape of carnival objects from newspapers

Suggestions for Improvement: Go around and knock on doors to recruit more people and get more people to participate.

Learn to Upcycle

Goals of Program: To plant flowers sustainably

Descriptions: Residents cleaned out and cut open soda and milk bottles, filled with soil, and planted seeds

Cost of program: $15, funded by RAs or LIT

Marketing: Flyers, word of mouth

Suggestions for Improvement: N/A

Reduce, Reuse, Resculpture

Recyclable materials being reusedGoals of Program: Reuse recycle materials, have fun, and inform residents

Descriptions: Residents brought down recyclable materials for a competition to create the overall best sculpture, most sustainable, and most creative

Cost of program: $0

Marketing: big and small posters

Suggestions for Improvement: N/A

How to Stay Green on Campus

Goals of Program:

  • Promote ways to be sustainable on campus
  • Give residents resources and facts

Descriptions: A newsletter was developed by 2 RAs about being sustainable, what you can do, did you know, and future activities and programs at UWW. Newsletter was sent out to the complex.

Cost of program: $0


  • Sent email
  • printed some of the newsletters and put around building but was trying to be sustainable
  • be careful not to complete with Sustainability newsletter
  • Suggestions for Improvement: N/A

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