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Faculty-Led Travel Study Programs

Faculty-led programs are short-term international opportunities that are developed and led by UW-Whitewater faculty and staff. Programs are often experiential in nature, incorporating active learning such as volunteer opportunities, tours, site visits, workshops, and research projects.

Current and Upcoming Programs

Winterim 2020

Hmong of Southeast Asia: History, Culture, and Education

HISTRY 491  (Apply here now online)

Patagonia Chile: Sea Kayaking and Nature Based Tourism

RECREATN 491 or 691  (Apply here now online)

Fall 2019

No course options for Fall 2019 - Fall 2020 options coming soon.

Spring 2020


Ireland and Scotland: Language and Culture (Communication Disorders)  

COMDIS 491 (Apply here now online)

Ireland and North Ireland: Cross Cultural Communication            

COMM 491 (Apply here now online)

 Paris, France: Artists and Exiles                  

FRENCH 491 or LSINDP 491 (Apply here now online)

Ireland, UK and The Netherlands: Criminology Europe

SOCIOLGY 491 or CRIMJUS 491 (Apply here now online)

Summer 2020


  Japan: Diversity in Sports - Paralympic Games

      COMM 491/691 JOURNALSM 491/691 (apply here now)

The Netherlands: Media Art and Game Design

      MAGD 491 (apply here now)

Faculty-led programs consist of on-campus class meetings during the academic year, followed by a travel component of 1-4 weeks in length during a term break (e.g. winter break, spring break, or summer).

Faculty-led programs are an ideal option for students looking for a well-supported, group-based, short-term international experience. 

Faculty-led program offerings vary from year to year, so be sure to check this page, as well as our program search, for an up-to date list of upcoming programs

For additional information about faculty led programs, students can email or set up an appointment with Dan Colleran, Global Experiences Coordinator.

If you are a faculty member interested in proposing a new program, please visit our Faculty and Staff Resources page.

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