MBA - Business Data Analytics Emphasis

The Business Data Analytics emphasis prepares students for managerial positions that require knowledge, experience, and a solid foundation in data mining and analytics in an organization. The emphasis addresses Data Analytics from a business perspective and focuses on strategic use of technology and data for competitive advantage. A UW-Whitewater MBA with Business Data Analytics emphasis equips students for leadership roles in the area of business analytics that is essential for strategic use of structured and unstructured data to enhance business performance. Students have the opportunity to choose electives that address contemporary business data analytics topics such as data management, data mining, business intelligence, process innovation, and digital marketing..

MBA students that would like to earn an emphasis in Business Data Analytics must complete nine credits of the following courses.

ITSCM 773: Data Foundations for Business Analytics

No Prerequisite

This course focuses on developing managerial skills of understanding and use of common data resources in business. Topics covered include traditional data warehousing, data marts, real time data loading, importance of data quality, understanding of data meaning, metadata management, extraction of data using SQL, and the impact of data transformation rules on loading data into data warehouses. 

ITSCM 774: Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

No Prerequisite

A graduate course covering the use information technology to assist decision making in today's business environment.  This course provides an overview of decision making theory, data warehousing, data mining, business intelligence and analytics. The course also surveys contemporary framework, tools, and techniques for BI and data analytics. 

ITSCM 776: Business Process & Innovation management

No Prerequisite

The course provides an overview of concepts, methods and tools surrounding the definition, implementation, measurement and improvement of processes in organizations. Strategic and tactical phases of the Business Process Management lifecycle, consisting goal setting, process design, process implementation, process enactment and measurement, and process evaluation are covered.

ITSCM 777: Data Mining for Business

No Prerequisite

This course focuses on the application of data mining for business. Topics covered include mining structured data, techniques for handling big data, working with unstructured data. Emphasis is placed on identifying and applying appropriate mining techniques for specific business problems, and interpreting the validity and utility of the results. Students will use data mining software to gain practical experience.

MARKETNG 772: Digital Marketing

Prerequisite: MARKETNG 716 or equivalent

This course provides students with applied and theoretical knowledge of digital marketing, which is necesary to understand how the Internet and related technologies have and will continue to impact marketing practices. Topics covered include online advertising, search engine optimization, paid search, web analytics, email marketing, social media marketing, and online brand building.