Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA)

UW-Whitewater is home to one of only six AACSB Accredited Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) programs in the United States.  Our program is a professional doctorate that enables students to develop in-depth expertise in a specific business area. Masters degrees often do not provide students with the level of skill development needed to tackle today's complex and rapidly changing global business environment.  The DBA will provide students with the necessary preparation to contribute to organizational knowledge and effectiveness through required coursework and interaction with academics and practitioners at the leading edge of their fields.  Students will also need to complete a dissertation that contributes to business practice. Students earning the DBA degree will extend their career horizons by preparing themselves for expanded roles within their organization or another firm, a consulting career, and/or a faculty position at a university or college.

The DBA is a 60 credit program offered using a cohort model where students attend classes 1 weekend each month for 2 years, followed by a year of dissertation work.  Weekend classes will run Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon.  Students will use our online learning platform in between classes to participate in discussion with faculty, submit assignments, and engage in other learning activities.

Entrance Requirements:

Equivalent of a Masters Degree in a business discipline.  A minimum of six years of professional experience preferred, including significant management experience.


DBA 800 Seminar in Contemporary Business Issues

DBA 810 Measurement and Research Design
DBA 820 Applied Regression Analysis
DBA 830 Forecasting and Time Series Analysis
DBA 840 Applied Multivariate Methods
DBA 850 Contemporary Research Methods

DBA 860 Scientific Inquiry in Business
DBA 870 Micro Issues in Business
DBA 880 Macro Issues in Business

DBA 910 Technology, Entrepreneurship and Global Issues in Business
DBA 970 Directed Study
DBA 988 Dissertation


Year 1 Fall: DBA 810 4 credits, DBA 860 4 credits, DBA 800 Repeatable 1-2 credits
Year 1 Spring: DBA 820 4 credits, DBA 870 4 credits, DBA 800 Repeatable 1-2 credits
Year 1 Summer: DBA 830 3 credits, DBA 970 Repeatable 3 credits |  Program Porfolio Due

Year 2 Fall: DBA 840 4 credits, DBA 880 4 credits, DBA 800 Repeatable 1-2 credits
Year 2 Spring: DBA 850 4 credits, DBA 910 3 credits, DBA 800 2 credits
Year 2 Summer: DBA 970 Repeatable 3 credits 

Year 3 Fall: DBA 988 Repeatable 1-6 credits
Year 3 Spring: DBA 988 Repeatable 1-6 credits
Year 3 Summer: DBA 988 Repeatable 1-6 credits