Department of Finance & Business Law Advising

Advising Process

1.      Students with less than 24 credits are advised within the Academic Advising & Exploration Center.

2.      Students with 24 + credits who are not yet eligible to register for upper division courses are advised within the College of Business and Economics Advising office in Hyland Hall 4302. This information is also available within each student's D2L account. For answers to questions about the advising process, students should call 262-472-4900. See COBE Advising for more details.

Are you admitted to upper division courses?

When you have been admitted to upper division (junior- and senior- level) business courses, faculty from the Department of Finance and Business Law will begin to advise you directly. The department places an advising hold on your WINS account, and you must follow a two-step process in order to be able to register.

Step 1: Each semester the dates of one-on-one advising will be emailed to all students who have a FNBSLW advising hold. Complete online advising by using the video links at the bottom of this page. Watch all four advising videos and complete the advising quiz.

Step 2: Following online advising, and one week before priority registration, you will meet one-on-one with your faculty advisor. You can find out who your advisor is by checking the WINS System. Go to the advisor's office door to reserve an advising session. You will learn more about this process in the online advising session. You must take your completed online advising quiz to your one-on-one advising session.

When you have attended both online advising and one-on-one faculty advising, your advisor will submit your name to the department to have the advising hold removed so that you can register.

Without attending both online and individual advising meetings, the hold will remain on your WINS account and will prevent you from registering.

During the online advising sessions, you will learn about the program, course sequences, emphases, and career opportunities you can pursue with a Finance degree.

Online Advising Videos





Online Advising Quiz

Complete the following quiz and bring it to your individual advising meeting to have the advising hold lifted from your account. Finance and Business Law Advising QUIZ.

Please complete the following short survey and bring it, along with your advising quiz, to your individual advising meeting to help us understand what you expect from a degree in Finance. Survey.

Learning Goals for Finance Majors

Finance Major

Financial Management Emphasis

Insurance Emphasis

Real Estate Emphasis