MBA - International Business Emphasis

In order to obtain an emphasis in International Business, MBA students must complete nine credits of the following courses. 

ECON 758: Advanced International Economics

Prerequisite: ECON 704

A study of international trade and finance issues; multinational enterprises, international investments, currency problems, and balance of payments issues. Analyzes the structure and scope of world trade and international financial markets in developed and developing countries.

FNBSLW 755: Multinational Business Finance

Prerequisite: FNBSLW 344 or FNBSLW 718

An advanced course of international financial principles covering major macroeconomic factors affecting international corporate decisions, foreign exchange transactions, hedging strategies, international capital structure decisions, capital budgeting, international financial markets, and taxation.

ITSCM 763: Global Operations Management

Prerequisite: ITSCM 719 (can be taken concurrently)

MANGEMENT 777: International Management

Prerequisite: MANGEMENT 745

The course deals with concepts, issues, problems, and research in international management, with a focus on the international application of: (1) strategic management, (2) organizational theory and design, (3) organizational behavior, culture, conflict, leadership, and communication, (4) ethical issues, and (5) development, control, and coordination of international subsidiaries.

MARKETNG 761: International Business (Marketing)

Prerequisite: MARKETNG 716

Fundamental aspects of international business will be studied. Emphasis is placed on decision making in an international setting and appraisal of market opportunities worldwide. Cases are used to illustrate operational problems of multinational organizations as well as international intermediaries.

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