Teacher Internship Program
 Spring 2019 and Fall 2019

If you view yourself as confident, energetic, and creative and view teaching as a wonderfully challenging adventure, you may qualify for an exciting opportunity to fulfill your student teaching requirement by serving as a Teacher Intern during the semester designated on your licensure plan for student teaching. Individuals selected carry out their teaching under the supervision of a cooperating teacher and a university supervisor, as in student teaching, but generally assume more responsibility than student teachers. Prospective employers may view a Teacher Intern as a more valuable pre-service experience than student teaching.

School districts are charged $5000 per semester per intern. The Teacher Intern is paid a stipend of $4500, based on full-time field participation (50% teaching/50% study, observation, planning). Benefits are not included. Of the remaining $500, $225 is shared by the cooperating teacher and intern to attend a workshop or conference, or to purchase software or books for the classroom, and $225 is applied toward Teacher Internship Program expenses. Interns register and pay for 12 university credits, which fulfill the student teaching requirement for teacher certification. Additional costs are listed under Additional Steps and Information for UW-W Internship Candidates (#11 & #12).

Selection Criteria for Intern Candidates

(Important - Please Read)

The admission of students to the Teacher Internship Program is based on:

  • Evidence of teaching potential and professional commitment
  • Scholastic record
  • Admission to the College of Education & Professional Studies

Special Education majors must receive permission from the Special Education Department PRIOR to completing an intern application. 

Early Childhood majors must receive permission from the ECE program PRIOR to completing an intern application. Submit an email requesting consideration to the program coordinator.

Here is how the Internship process works: 1) Students complete the necessary paperwork to apply to the Teacher Internship Program. They are notified via email if they are or are not approved. 2) Schools who want to hire an intern(s) complete an Intern Request form on the Wisconsin Improvement Program (WIP) website. When their request is approved by WIP, the UW-W Teacher Internship Office is made aware of the request. 3) The Teacher Internship Office notifies intern candidates whenever new openings occur (the same placement rules that apply to student teachers also apply to interns - see information under Teacher Internship Application Process). 4) Intern candidates let the Teacher Internship Office know which openings they want to apply for and the Teacher Internship Office sends their application to those schools. 5) The school(s) decide who to interview and ultimately who they would like to offer the internship to. 6) The intern candidate can accept or reject the school's offer. 7) If an intern candidate does not get an internship, they will student teach during that same semester (in fact, most of the time the intern candidate will have been placed as a student teacher (and that placement will be cancelled if s/he accepts an internship). 8) Acceptance as a candidate to the Teacher Internship Program is considered tentative pending successful completion of all applicable student teaching and internship requirements.  Unsuccessful completion will result in the withdrawal from the Teacher Internship Program.

Students are encouraged to complete their field study experience in a diverse school, as students' field study or student teaching/internship experience should be in a diverse school.  Not all schools seeking interns are classified as diverse.   See your subject area coordinator or Marie Benson for more information.As stated above, students must pass the appropriate Praxis II Test or have a 3.0 Content GPA before they will receive final approval as an intern candidate.

Application Procedures


Spring  2019: Applications are due to Marie Benson by September 15, 2018

Fall 2019: Applications are due to Marie Benson by February 15, 2019

Applications will not be accepted until:

1) You have passed Praxis II or have a 3.0 Content GPA

2) All application materials are completed and sent to

 Applicants will be notified of openings via campus email.

Attention Spring Applicants for fall internships!!  Don't miss out!!  Some schools interview spring intern positions as early as April, so be sure to have your completed applications in by the February 15 deadline.

For more information, please contact  the following:

Marie Benson
Teacher Intern Coordinator
Winther Hall 2041