Financial Services
UW-Whitewater Accounting Services

E-mailed Invoices

An e-mail account has been set up specifically for electronic invoices -   There are a number of controls that must be in place to ensure we are only paying appropriate invoices:

  1. The vendor MUST send the invoice directly to this account. It cannot be sent to a department who sends the invoice to the account. This replaces an original invoice, and thus if sent directly to the account would be considered unaltered.
  2. The invoices MUST contain the name of a contact person at UWW, so Financial Services knows who to contact when the invoice is received.
  3. If the invoices relates to a purchase order, the PO number should be shown on the invoice.
  4. Financial Services will forward the invoice to the contact person listed, and if that person is not an authorized signer for that department, it will also be forwarded to an authorized signer.
  5. The invoice MUST be approved for payment by a department authorized signer.  An approval by the return e-mail is acceptable.

If you have any questions, please contact Financial Services at 262-472-1331.