College of Business and Economics

DBA Program Info


The UW-Whitewater Doctorate of Business Administration program has been designed to be both challenging and practical. Those admitted should expect a rigorous yet rewarding learning experience that will prepare them to solve real-world problems. 

The curriculum focuses on the most up-to-date professional and academic knowledge regarding key business issues. DBA candidates learn about the latest tools and techniques that can help them solve the organizational problems posed directly by the students experiencing the issues in their workplaces.

The program's primary goal is to enable DBA students to become competent scholarly researchers in order to find effective solutions to advanced business problems. In contrast to solutions based on limited or no evidence, scholarly research encourages DBA students to review previously published work on the subject and to propose solutions based on an analysis of said work, along with data related to the topic.


  • Students will demonstrate expertise in a specific field through an understanding of managerial and organizational contexts.
  • Students will contribute to business knowledge and prepare for careers that apply research to practice.
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of professional ethical behavior.
  • Students will demonstrate advanced research skills leading to an original, substantive applied research project.

Residence requirements

Only one weekend on campus is required per month. Classes start at 3 p.m. on Friday and end on Sunday evenings. These face-to-face classes are complemented by virtual interactions (e.g., online learning platform, Webex, and Skype). It is mandatory for students to attend all face-to-face classes and to participate in virtual instruction. Failure to do so may result in removal from the program. NOTE: Due to the program structure and residence requirements, international students cannot be issued a student visa to enroll in the DBA program.


We will only admit students whose research interests can be supported by our faculty members' expertise. Students admitted to the program will be paired with a faculty member with compatible research interests. This adviser will act as a mentor, provide guidance, help with selection of the dissertation topic and committee, and provide information about successful completion of the DBA dissertation. While students receive mentorship and support by faculty with expertise in their research interests, the program is ultimately intended to train students to become independent researchers who can properly formulate and adequately address research questions.