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Why consider a DBA degree?

The DBA is a professional doctorate that enables students to develop in-depth business expertise. Master's degrees often do not provide the level of skill development needed to tackle today's complex and rapidly changing global business environment. A DBA provides students with the advanced skills to perform at a higher level in their industries, contribute to organizational knowledge and effectiveness, conduct applied research, and/or transition to an academic career.

How does the DBA compare to a Ph.D.?

While the Ph.D. tends to focus heavily on theory, the DBA is designed for practitioners and business professionals to apply to real-world challenges. The DBA curriculum is integrative in nature. Featuring content-area courses in all business functions, as well as the fundamentals of business research and statistics, students will see how business functions interact and affect the workplace. In contrast, the Ph.D. often encourages students to become specialists in narrowly-focused areas.

Why UW-Whitewater?

Our Doctorate of Business Administration is a 60-credit program that allows professionals to maintain their full-time careers and complete their degree in three years. Students attend classes one weekend each month for two years, and engage in online interactions in between classes. After two years of coursework, students complete a dissertation that contributes to business practice. The cohort model has proved to be an important source of perspective, networking, and support for our students.

As the largest AACSB-accredited business school in the region, UW-Whitewater offers excellent facilities, as well as highly-qualified and credentialed faculty working on a wide range of projects and internationally-recognized research. All this is offered through one of the most cost-effective AACSB-accredited Doctorate of Business Administration programs in the United States.