Faculty Senate

Committee Membership

Faculty Senate

Faculty Senators

Senators-at-large shall be elected from each rank by the faculty of that rank. Constituency-senators shall be elected from each constituency namely, 5 senators each from The College of Arts Communication/Library, The College of Business and Economic, The College of Education and Professional Studies, and The College of Letters and Sciences, and 1 senator from The College of Integrated Studies.

Faculty Senate Executive Committee

The Executive Committee sets the agenda for each meeting of the Faculty Senate, and is composed of one Senator from each constituency, two members elected at-large, plus the Senate Secretary and Chairperson.

University-Level Committees

Standing Faculty Committees

These committees carry out the ongoing work of the Faculty.

The Organization Committee and the Elections Committee assist the Faculty in making changes in the Faculty Constitution, Bylaws, and committee structure of the Faculty.

Ad hoc Faculty Committees

Each year the Faculty Senate can charge an ad hoc committee to address a specific topic or issue. Those committees are documented here.

Faculty Serving on Administrative Committees

These committees carry out the ongoing work of the UWW Administration, but faculty members are appointed to these committees to provide faculty perspectives and to report back to the Faculty on the work of these committees.

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