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Ditching the Traditional Exam?  Design Strategies for Authentic Assessments

Tusday, November 24, 2020

Join your faculty colleagues in this interactive workshop that will inspire you to reimagine and justify your current exam practices.  Bring your critical thinking skills and apply them to the questions, “Why are you giving an exam?  Is there another way to discover what your students have learned that doesn’t require an exam?”  Some key drivers for this conversation are the challenges for students to access a suitable at-home exam environment, and the ease and proliferation of cheating in remote courses.

 Attendees will gain:

 Consider approaches for redesigning a traditional exam to be engaging, “less cheatable,” and more revealing of student learning.

  1. Redesign and reimagine an exam experience in a pandemic and post-pandemic.  Take an opportunity to evaluate your assessment strategy - if you need exams, why do you need them?
  2. Learn about fair grading practices for alternative assessments that are doable for faculty.  What learning do faculty want their students to demonstrate?  Topics to be covered include: rubrics, authentic assessments, product assessments, and performance assessments.

 Presenters: Kim Kostka, Steven Girard, Edric Johnson