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Supporting our Students Online: A Conversation

Thursday, April 15, 2021 

"Instructors Sharing Ideas: What Did We Learn About Supporting Students During The Pandemic?"

How do we best support student learning in online and remote teaching settings?

This question took on new and expanded meaning over the last year as instructors and students were first navigating emergency online education, and then adopted new modalities and circumstances during the current school year. The nature and scope of student support evolved considerably during this time, on issues ranging from instructor-to-peer communication to course policy flexibility. Join us for a panel with instructors who were among the many people singled out by students as outstanding supporters of student learning. This informal discussion will explore numerous questions related to student support. Panelists and attendees alike will be able to ask questions and share best practices, positive and negative experiences, and other tips of mutual benefit as we all prepare for a future that has been permanently changed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

• Christine Hoover (Lecturer, Management)
• Brian Huels (Assistant Professor, Accounting)
• Josh Knapp (Associate Professor, Management)
• Jodie Parys (Professor, Spanish)