Source: Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs

All instructional staff are expected to meet their classes at the times scheduled for the final examination period as printed in the Undergraduate and Graduate Timetables of Classes each semester. All comprehensive final examinations shall be administered at the prescribed time during the final examination period. For those classes where there is no final examination, the time prescribed during the final examination period shall be used as a regular class meeting.

No student shall be required to take more that two comprehensive final examinations on the same day. Any student with more than two comprehensive final examinations scheduled on the same day who wants to reschedule the excessive examination(s) may try to make arrangements with the instructors involved. If this is unworkable, the student must notify the Registrar by the end of the week following the deadline to drop a semester course or at the end of the ninth week of classes, whichever is later. The Registrar shall arrange times as necessary with instructors involved and shall notify the student of the arrangements by the end of the thirteenth week of classes.

Reviewed July 2014