Incomplete Courses Policy

Source: Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Incomplete Grade -- Use of the Grade "I"

If a student has been doing satisfactory work until near the end of a term, and then because of illness or other unavoidable circumstances has been prevented from completing the work, the instructor may give the student an "Incomplete" and extend the privilege of completing the work by a later date. Instructors are responsible for entering the grade of "I" on the grade roster. In no case should the "Incomplete" be given to students who, through their own fault, failed to complete the requirements of a course on time or who failed to report for the final examination as scheduled.

By action of the Faculty Senate, when a faculty member issues an incomplete, a contract must be made with the student specifying the work needed to complete the course and the date by which the work is to be submitted. Your contract needs to be submitted to the Registrar’s Office, contracts are available from your department ADA’s and the Registrar’s Office.

For undergraduate students the grade change forms must be submitted to the Registrar's Office no later than one full week before the start of exams for the next term (excluding summer and winterim); graduate students have one calendar year. However, the faculty member may assign a shorter period of time. NOTE: THE DEADLINE IS AUTOMATICALLY A MAXIMUM OF 30 CALENDAR DAYS FOR ALL STUDENTS PLANNING TO GRADUATE IN THE TERM FOR WHICH THE "I" GRADE HAS BEEN ISSUED. The "I" grade will carry 0 honor points and will not be computed in the G.P.A.

If a grade change is not received by the deadline, the "I" grade will automatically be changed to an "F" grade, unless a default grade was entered on the Incomplete Contract, with both the semester and the cumulative grade point averages adjusted accordingly. (See Section IV-E for grade changes after the deadline). A blank default grade will also lapse to an "F" grade.An "F" grade may not be changed back to an "I" grade.

Faculty may extend the make-up deadline by submitting a new contract form with a specified date in writing to the Registrar's Office at least one week prior to the termination of the make-up period, either defined by the date specified on the contract or before the deadline outlined above.

In-Progress Grade -- Use of the Grade "IP"

In courses designed to extend beyond the term of registration, e.g., thesis research, instructors may assign a grade of IP to indicate "in progress" toward completion. In courses not designed to extend beyond the term of registration, instructors may assign a grade of I to indicate a student's course work was incomplete due to documented extenuating circumstances. Neither IP nor I grades are calculated into the term or cumulative grade point averages. An I grade is accompanied by a signed contract in which the instructor specifies the work to be completed by the student. An IP or I grade is replaced by a regular grade when the course work is completed. The grade point average for the term in which the course was registered, as well as for subsequent terms, and cumulative grade point averages will then be retroactively computed using the regular grade replacement. A regular grade cannot be changed to an IP or I on a temporary basis. With the exception of 799 Thesis Research, course work must be completed within one calendar year from the time the IP or I grade was assigned. Students may petition instructors for extensions of this deadline. Instructors granting extensions will then inform the Registrar's Office. The Registrar's Office automatically changes an IP or I grade to an F when the work has not been completed by the deadline.

A grade of NN is recorded by the Registrar's Office when an instructor does not report a grade for a student officially registered for the course. The student must take the initiative to remove or change any IP, I, or NN grades. The grading symbol for audit is X. This grade is not calculated in the grade point average and no credit is earned in courses registered under this option.

As amended July 2014