Enrollment Maximums

Enrollment Maximums

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A graduate student in good standing may register for up to 15 units, while a student on probation may not take more than 12 units. Graduate Assistants must register for at least nine, and no more than 12, graduate units. Up to three units of individual studies may be taken in a term. Requests for exceptions to these limits must be made in writing to the Graduate School.



The unit (credit) restriction standard is the maximum of one unit (credit) per week for each of the three and six week sessions, with the exception that a student may enroll simultaneously in one three and in one six week course. During the summer term, students are limited to a total of 12 units (credits).

Overload requests by graduate students must be approved by the dean of the School of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education. Note: Graduate students may not carry more than 3 units (credits) of individual studies in a single term. Not more than 4 units (credits) in individual studies, not more than 6 units (credits) of special studies, and not more than a combined total of 9 units (credits) of individual studies, workshops, and special studies may be applied toward the completion of a degree. Departments retain the prerogative of allowing fewer than 9 of these types of units (credits) to apply toward their respective graduate degrees.

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