Our professional project and process managers provide leadership and guidance for University and IT projects.

Through consulting, managing and monitoring selected projects, we facilitate progress in order to meet our customers' expectations for project scope, costs, schedule and final deliverables. For help or general inquiries, please contact Stacy Scholtka.

Below is a list of the major projects being worked on by ICIT. Projects have been selected because they are either of interest to the campus or will have a significant impact on the university community. This list represents only a portion of the active projects.

Request/Project Project DescriptionTarget 
Schedule25/25Live implementation Optimization of our facilities on campus is the goal of the project that will redesign how we reserve our instructional and non-instructional spaces on campus. This will allow us to better understand how we are utilizing all of our space. 31-Oct-14
PeopleTools Upgrade 8.53  The upgrade to PeopleTools 8.53 will allow the WINS module to be supported by Oracle beyond February 2015. In addition, this tools upgrade will also enhance functionality related to PeopleSoft Testing Framework and Campus Mobile. 11-Aug-14
New Student Registration - PIP The goal of this project is to allow new and transfer students to register and pay for a PIP session in a one stop shop process in WINS. Currently, the PIP process occurs outside WINS. The intent of this project is also to reduce the manual process required to reconcile the data with WINS. Overall, this project should provide better service to our students. Oct-14
Teaching Reassignment The project is to migrate the current paper REQUEST FOR TEACHING REASSIGNMENT form to an online version. The online version will allow faculty and instructional staff to submit requests in a self service manner and also accommodate automated workflow to allow for approvals to occur in a timely fashion. Fall 2014
Deprovisioning/Life cycle - students A review of the services and timing for student access to the services will be completed and adjustments will be made. For the IT services, there will be automation put in place to provision and deprovision the services so students have consistency in the timing of the services. There will be documentation provided to explain the availability of the services as a part of the project. 1-Sep-14
Asset inventory project - Software and Hardware tracking and reporting Providing each department on campus a list of their hardware and software for budgeting, replacements and planning purposes is the goal of this project 15-May-14
Project Management Software Selection and Deployment To improve resource utilization and on-time delivery of projects, a Project Portfolio Management system will be implemented to assist with request management, project management and resource planning 1-Oct-14
Network switch upgrade The goal of the project is to replace existing network edge equipment that is nearing the end of life. With the new switches the campus will gain more capacity and faster (up to 1 GB) connectivity to desktop. It will also position us to be ready for upcoming advances in wireless connectivity and other devices coming to campus in the next few years. 31-Aug-14