Source: Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs

In accepting the purchasing delegation from the Department of Administration and the University of Wisconsin System, the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater agrees to the following:

  1. all purchases must be processed in accordance with the procedures and policies of the Delegation Agreement between the Department of Administration and the University of Wisconsin System, and;
  2. the State Procurement Manual; State Statutes Chapter 16, Subchapter IV; Administrative Code Chapter 10; Financial and Administrative Policy; and all other applicable policies governing sound purchasing practices.

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater has established a policy that requires the identification of a fund, program, and organization code for charging any item or service to a particular department or area. Each organization code includes an authorized signature and/or signatures which are assigned when an organization code is issued. All purchase activity requires this authorized signature(s). It should be noted that initialized signatures do not comply with this requirement. Refer to SECTION II-Q "Authorized Signatures" for further details concerning this area.

Provided below is a basic guide outlining established procurement guidelines. Department personnel should consult the Facilities Planning & Management Web Site, ' or contact Procurement Services for more in depth information or clarification.


Procurement Card

Campus department/units will have the delegated authority to purchase certain items up to $5,000 per transaction by using the procurement card system. The procurement card is the required method to purchase tangible items when allowed. Cardholders should use vendors who accept the procurement card prior to using other orders. Each cardholder receives training on the use of the card. If the cardholder fails to comply with the policy and procedures the delegated authority for the procurement card will be revoked, and the holder will have to purchase items by using the requisition (see Requisition).

Quick Orders

Campus department/units have been delegated authority to issue Quick Orders directly to the vendor(s) for materials and services less than $5,000.00 including shipping (except Printing). Prior approval from Procurement Services is not required. The Quick Order can be used when a vendor(s) does not accept the Procurement Card. In addition, the quick order can be used for: 1) Renewal of membership or subscription (less than $5,000) if Procurement Card cannot be used, 2) Payment of campus contractor for food charges, 3) Payment on 'Academic Support Services Agreements', 4) Allowable telephone charges, 5) Payment on Entertainment contracts (under $25,000), 6) Freight, and 7) Conference or Workshop/Registrations if Procurement Card cannot be used.


The official purchase requisition must be used for all other acquisition activity for which a Quick Order & Procurement Card cannot be used. Requesters are to submit a properly prepared and signed Requisition with all supporting documentation to Financial Services. The requisition will be routed to the Procurement Services who in turn will issue an official STATE OF WISCONSIN PURCHASE ORDER. Departments are not to place Regular Orders directly with vendors without the review and approval of Procurement Services. 

Additional Guidelines

  1. Emergency Orders, Blankets Orders, Repairs, etc. All requests are processed through Procurement Services except those covered under warranty or an extended service agreement. Contact Procurement Services for specific instructions on how to proceed. (Blankets will be replaced by the Procurement Card whenever possible.)
  2. Orders Based on the Acquisition of Demos, Loaners, & Samples. All orders regardless of prior arrangements with suppliers must be secured under proper purchasing procedures. Therefore, any intent to purchase which may be based on a sample, etc. must be coordinated through Procurement Services prior to receiving the demo, loaner, sample, etc. Departments obtaining the use of equipment/ materials under a loaner, demo, borrowed, etc. arrangement with no intention to purchase need to contact Risk Management and Safety regarding adequate liability coverage.
  3. Lease/Rental of Material and/or Equipment. All requests for lease or rental of materials and equipment must be requisitioned through Procurement Services in the same manner as a requisition for purchase of materials or equipment. Departments are to submit a properly prepared Purchase Requisition, and copies of any proposed lease, license, agreement, etc. to Procurement Services for signing and issuance of a Purchase Order.
  4. Monitored Purchases. Because of potential long-range ramifications, certain commodities have been designated to be monitored. It is the responsibility of the department/unit (end user) to obtain the advice/review of anticipated materials/services from these Service Unit(s) monitoring the commodity prior to submitting the purchase requisition. The commodities and monitoring units are:
    • Audio/Visual--iCIT
    • Construction/Remodeling--Facilities Planning & Management
    • Air Conditioners/Heaters--Facilities Planning & Management
    • Computer Hardware/Software over $1,000--iCIT
    Evidence of review must be indicated on the purchase requisition before it will be processed.
  5. Used Item Purchase. Purchase of used equipment for less than $5000 is allowed when approved by the supervisor of the authorized signature. All others require the approval of the Dean or Assistant Chancellor's office under whom the requesting department is assigned. A properly prepared requisition with such approval is submitted to Procurement Services. A statement of justification, including price comparisons, maintenance concerns, etc. for purchasing USED versus new materials/equipment needs to be included. Requests for such orders are subject to compliance of all procurement and accounting policies.
  6. Personal Property Purchase from Faculty & Staff. All parties representing the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater are prohibited from purchasing personal property from members of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater faculty and staff.


All Printing

The purchase of printed materials from any vendor must be requested on a Requisition, regardless of dollar amount. Note printing cannot be ordered on a Quick Order or by Procurement Card.

Irregular Procurement

Any state employee who contracts for the purchase of materials or services contrary to a statute, State Bureau of Procurement or UW-Whitewater policy and procedures constitutes an "IRREGULAR PROCUREMENT" and may be held liable for the cost. Requests for after-the-fact approvals will require the requestor to supply:

  • Written justification of the procurement itself.
  • Written justification of the lack of prior approval.
  • A statement of management actions being taken to prevent repetition of the situation.
  • The Division Administrator indication of review and approval.
  • A completed requisition.

Serial Purchasing

The practice of issuing a series of purchase orders in any 90-day period, to the same vendor for the same commodity or service in order to avoid the appropriate competitive solicitation is PROHIBITED.

As amended 1 July 2014