Involvement Opportunities for Staff and Faculty

Sexual misconduct is a prevalent issue in campus communities and in our society as a whole. Read on to learn ways to support students who are survivor's or victims of sexual assault and support ways to help create a campus climate that is free of sexual assault.

Sexual Assault Survivor's Assistance

You can attend a brief training to learn how to respond to the unique needs of a student who has been sexually assaulted.  

The Sexual Assault Survivor's Assistance (SASA) program is devoted to making the campus free of sexual violence and providing a safe environment for all. SASA generates change by conducting outreach, education, and awareness-raising programs. SASA provides unique advocacy services to help college students who are victims of sexual violence by providing campus and community resources and serving as part of the victim's support system.  When survivors utilize SASA, they can expect to receive compassionate support.  SASA addresses the needs of survivors by providing legal, health, emotional and relational referrals or resources.

SASA members attend an hour-long training session to learn about the unique needs of college students who have experienced sexual assault. After successful completion of training, members receive a door placard that they may choose to display in their work space. Additionally, members receive invitations to workshops on special topics regarding sexual assault issues.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the SASA team, please contact the Sexual Assault Prevention Coordinator at 262-472-1305.


Sexual Assault Prevention Advisory Committee

You can get involved in the Chancellor's committee to provide guidance regarding on-campus sexual assault prevention efforts.

The function of this UW-W administrative committee is to advise the Sexual Assault Prevention Coordinator regarding: identifying campus needs for sexual assault prevention efforts; setting biennial goals; designing a campus plan to meet the goals; suggesting departmental responsibilities for implementation; and reviewing progress, as requested by the Coordinator. An annual summary of programming and progress on goals will be submitted to the Dean of Students Office 

The membership consists of representatives from:
Student Life and First Year Experience, Residence Life, Warhawk Involvement Center, University Health and Counseling Services, University Police, Intercollegiate Athletics, Women's Issues, Sexual Assault Survivors Assistance Team, Faculty Senate (2), Academic Staff Assembly, Whitewater Student Government, Residence Hall Association, Students at Large (2), Association for the Prevention of Family Violence, People Against Domestic and Sexual Abuse

If you are interested in becoming a member of the SAPA committee, please contact the Sexual Assault Prevention Coordinator at 262-472-1305.