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MAGD ExpoThe MAGD Expo is a juried show of interactive entertainment, 3D, 2D, aural, virtual and animated creative work held annually at the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater. The show is open to individuals or groups of any age and is not limited to students.
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Media Arts & Game Development
Jeff Herriott, Professor
PH: 262-472-1424

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The Media Arts & Game Development Program at UW-Whitewater brings together talented faculty from the Departments of Communication, Art and Design, and Computer Science, Music, and Education to create a cross-disciplinary approach to teaching and learning that prepares students for the demanding, cutting edge media work of the 21st Century.

David Beyea
Jeff Herriott
Michael Howen
Nick Hwang
Amal Ibrahim
Mutope Johnson
Beth King
Fred Leighton
Brian Lucas
Jim Mead
Bill Miller
Hien Nguyen
Zach Oster
Kate Prange
Rhea Vichot
Xiao Zhang