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Rhea Vichot
Asst Prof Magd

  • Department(s): Communication
  • Office Location: Andersen Hall 1217D
  • Phone: (262) 472-5068
  • Email:
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Rhea Vichot graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Comparative Media Studies in 2004. She attended New York University and attained a Masters in Cinema Studies as well as a Graduate Certificate in Culture and Media in 2006. In 2009, Rhea received a Masters in Digital Media from Georgia Institute of Technology. At Annenberg, Rhea has conducted continuing research on Anonymous, along with other online countercultures and their relationships to learning, cultural practices, and political and civic engagement. Her current research interests include global popular culture, online and fan communities, and media criticism. In particular, she is interested in subaltern groups that have been historically linked with either 'hacker' culture or 'deviant' subcultures. Recently, her work has shifted to looking at cross cultural communication between online communities in Japan and the United States as well as looking into media produced by and for the Japanese queer community.