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The University Honors Program encourages Honors students to broaden their multicultural knowledge base and to develop their intercultural skills by participating in study abroad/travel study opportunities. Students may enroll in a Travel Study course through UW-W or matriculate at an accredited institution of higher education in another country. While abroad, they may complete H-Option Projects to earn Honors credits. The experiential learning afforded by studying abroad will better equip students to become global citizens in the twenty-first century.

To support study abroad, the UHP sponsors one $1000 Study Abroad Award each year. The application for this award is due February 20th annually. 

Travel Study 491: Sociology Honors to Ireland and UK:

The Ireland and United Kingdom study abroad, offered spring semester of every odd-numbered year, is an exclusive opportunity for our UW-Whitewater Honor students. After preparatory classroom work in the spring semester, there is a three-week travel component to major cities, including Dublin, Belfast, London and Edinburgh.

This immersion experience results in significant growth in interpersonal skills, cultural proficiency, independence, and personal development. As a student from the last journey said, “It was the most enriching opportunity that I have experienced while at college.” Another student observed, “They study so much history, both theirs and others'. It became apparent how ignorant and incompetent many Americans, myself included, are when it comes to our knowledge of the world we live in. The relationship between England and the rest of the UK is so deeply rooted; it was fascinating to learn the history and then to talk to locals…”

To learn more or to apply for the next Honors Travel Study to Ireland and the U.K., go to

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