Additional Guidelines

Source: Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs

  1. Emergency Orders, Blankets Orders, Repairs, etc. All requests are processed through Procurement Services except those covered under warranty or an extended service agreement. Contact Procurement Services for specific instructions on how to proceed. (Blankets will be replaced by the Procurement Card whenever possible.)
  2. Orders Based on the Acquisition of Demos, Loaners, & Samples. All orders regardless of prior arrangements with suppliers must be secured under proper purchasing procedures. Therefore, any intent to purchase which may be based on a sample, etc. must be coordinated through Procurement Services prior to receiving the demo, loaner, sample, etc. Departments obtaining the use of equipment/ materials under a loaner, demo, borrowed, etc. arrangement with no intention to purchase need to contact Risk Management and Safety regarding adequate liability coverage.
  3. Lease/Rental of Material and/or Equipment. All requests for lease or rental of materials and equipment must be requisitioned through Procurement Services in the same manner as a requisition for purchase of materials or equipment. Departments are to submit a properly prepared Purchase Requisition, and copies of any proposed lease, license, agreement, etc. to Procurement Services for signing and issuance of a Purchase Order.
  4. Monitored Purchases. Because of potential long-range ramifications, certain commodities have been designated to be monitored. It is the responsibility of the department/unit (end user) to obtain the advice/review of anticipated materials/services from these Service Unit(s) monitoring the commodity prior to submitting the purchase requisition. The commodities and monitoring units are:
    • Audio/Visual--iCIT
    • Construction/Remodeling--Facilities Planning & Management
    • Air Conditioners/Heaters--Facilities Planning & Management
    • Computer Hardware/Software over $1,000--iCIT
    Evidence of review must be indicated on the purchase requisition before it will be processed.
  5. Used Item Purchase. Purchase of used equipment for less than $5000 is allowed when approved by the supervisor of the authorized signature. All others require the approval of the Dean or Assistant Chancellor's office under whom the requesting department is assigned. A properly prepared requisition with such approval is submitted to Procurement Services. A statement of justification, including price comparisons, maintenance concerns, etc. for purchasing USED versus new materials/equipment needs to be included. Requests for such orders are subject to compliance of all procurement and accounting policies.
  6. Personal Property Purchase from Faculty & Staff. All parties representing the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater are prohibited from purchasing personal property from members of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater faculty and staff.

As amended 3 January 2000; revised July 2014