Authorized Signature Policy

Source: Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs

Authorized signatures indicate who may authorize transactions against specific org codes. These signature authorizations may be single or multiple. Multiple names are separated by a comma, which indicates that one 'or' the other person may sign.

Many campus offices use these signature authorizations to charge their services to campus departments. Examples are University Bookstore, Central Stores, Duplicating, Motor Pool, and Physical Plant.

Financial Services records authorized signatures on the ledger system. Signatures should be updated whenever personnel changes are made. The department may request changes by submitting a Fund Program Org code request and change form to Financial Services. These forms are found on the campus Website.

If a department wants to authorize some of its personnel to sign specific documents, it can accomplish this internally by permitting those employees to sign an authorized signature and initial it. (This does NOT apply to time cards, which are controlled by the Human Resources office, nor to Travel Expense Reports, which must be personally signed.) It should be noted that initialed signatures defeat the purpose of having authorized signatures.

It is always preferable to limit the signing of all documents to original authorized signatures.

As amended 3 August 2001; revised July 2014